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  1. the job is done how i wrote in 4 hours this time. that means i have 3 old filters out and 3 new ones in.
  2. Of corse i did it this way. For the first filter i had about 30 sec. do get it in; also to raise the first (and the first and the second together) filter wase'nt a problem. But what i know: My back is hurting me today!
  3. Hi it is just a pain in the neck! I changed it today the second time..... The first time I had about 2 hours; today about 4 hours. I do not have any problem to get them out, also not to get them in position, but I can't push them in (the first one is not the prob). I have a lot of space, but anyway it does not how it should. I'am looking forward to my holidays in the US and a rental Escalade; parts to take home already ordered...like damm cabin filters. Have a nice day Tom
  4. I was already on the way to do it as you wrote: So I did it and now I am happy to have again a car with a very well running steering. I will write more later, then I am tired as mutch as I can. Tom
  5. Hi all Any news how long or how to replace it quick? I will replace the rack today. Regards Tom
  6. Thank you for the response. I thought the same, but I appreciate the confirmation. Two more questions: Is the Tool J-42640 (Steering PIN) necessary as described in the book? The factory estimated time for replacing the rack is 2 hours, but i also have to lower the engine frame. Does the 2 hours sound realistic to you (add 0.7 hours for the steering alignment)? Thanks Tom
  7. Thank you for your responses. Is it possible that the power steering pump is involved in my problem? I have the feeling that the power steering pump is louder than before; it sounds more like the pump has to work harder (even without actually steering). Thanks Tom
  8. Hi everybody Since yesterday i have the follwing problem: As I drove in reverse, I turned the steering wheel all the way to the left and afterwards: Now when I want to turn left or steer left it is very hard. Turning to the right is no problem while driving. If the car is standing if I turn all the way to the right there is no problem, but when i turn (try) the steering wheel back to the left it is hard all the time. Power steering fluid level is ok and no oil leak. There are no codes stored in history or current exept AMP 1064. Does anybody know what happened? Thanks for your help. Tom
  9. Yes; I can try: More details i do not have; i just like to know what it is. If it something that reduced the power or torque of the engine i like to remove it. Otherwise: The European XLR have 6 horses more? Tom PS: In the Corvette they say it is the resonator (Air-Intake), but all XLR (Domestic and Export) look the same (But Corvette have not a Nortstar engine)
  10. Standard XLR .....B4H Does anybody know what part/parts exactly is involved? I checked EPC and other stuff, but still can't find what is different. It doesn't look as it will be the resonator from the air-intake. Tom
  11. Hi Bruce Thanks for the information. @configured in several colours Sounds good to me, but I didn't know it. I have to check it out. @and in six languages I am shure "60" is "60" in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Italian exept in Japanese and not really important. Also a CAR sign is a CAR sign. There is not a lot more to read with the HUD. Tom
  12. Hi Bengt, Hi all The winter is over and i left my VW to drive the cadys I drove my Cadi(s) this days and: Yes the Seville has a minimum of 1 sec. delay at the kick-down function. The automatic transmission will step down, but not complete (just 1 gear) and after a additional 1 sec. the kick- down is comming. Now: The URL in this thread is not working and i can't find any information how to fix it. I need to know a US VIN (maybe can find some at ebay usa) that works and how to do it with a TechII. I am not in hurry but i am happy if i can fix this problem (for fast pass the XLR is a good option to drive but not always present...:-) Thanks for help Tom
  13. thanks bruce now i can sleep better; i wasn't sure about the pads but i ordered this ones tom
  14. Hi all Does the XLR left the factory with ceramic oder semi met pads with the JL9 options? I din't find any information about that. Drivers name in the DIC? Is there the no drivers name option for Driver #1 and Driver #2 as in other Cadillacs? Thanks Tom
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