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  1. Check your thermostat, change it if you see any binding (CHECKED OK) Check to see that you have at least a 50/50 mix of coolant concentration (OK) Check your cap to see that it holds pressure (OK) Check your system to see that it holds pressure (OK) Check your water pump belt to see if it slips and that the tensioner is applying pressure (little lose) Check your purge line to make sure that it is flowing coolant, and allowing air out of the system (OK) I JUST GOT BACK FROM TEST DRIVE Outside temp is about 75 deg - car temp got up to 235 deg, still no fan turned on AC temp droped to 217 still 1 fan only. Where are the fan relays located they are not under the rad I replaced the rad 2 days ago side tanks cracked..
  2. Where are the cooling fans relays located on the 93' seville sts with a 4.6 northstar?
  3. Hello, New to caddys I use to work on highway trucks working on cars now got down sized. First time on a caddy $#$%% GM MUST HAVE BEEN DRUNK everything is so tight!!! Here we go- 93 SEVILLE W NORTHSTAR BOILING COOLANT ONTO GROUND BECAUSE ELEC COOLANT FAN WILL NOT RUN (EVEN AT 225+ TEMP) the fan next to battery (passager side) comes on with AC on, but not the drivers side. WHAT SWITCH/SENSOR OR RELAY COULD THIS BE------??? I have removed both fans and bench check both works.. Car at normal temp. on highway but not in city runs hot.. can someone please help?
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