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  1. Did you look at the relay center, you can pull up (with some work) the relay assemblies and look under them, Mike Mike, which relay center are you talking about? I pulled up the fuse block located under the hood and all look good and clean!
  2. That is my next thing to do. Hopefully there are some wire problems under there!
  3. I have had problems in the past with corrosion in thr relay and fuse center under the hoo on th left side. I will dig into it and see if anything looks like a problem. I just unplugged the wiper motor, I unplugged the connector on the black cover and nothing changed I then unplugged the other connector at the end of the motor so both of them were unplugged and no change. The radio/window power only goes away when I pull the wiper fuse. Maybe the column switch?
  4. I have had problems in the past with corrosion in thr relay and fuse center under the hoo on th left side. I will dig into it and see if anything looks like a problem.
  5. You gotta be kidding.. I'm thinking melted wire harness somewhere. Been using any Harbor Freight fuses? Anyone been working in the trunk lately? I've seen relays reinstalled in the wrong slots. Nothing but top of the line fuses and the only work in the trunk was my replacing the PZM. I have been having trouble with the wipers. If I start the washers when the wipers are in the park position I blow a wiper fuse. If I start the washers when the wipers are already running the washers work fine and I do not blow a fuse. So today I pulled the wiper fuse from the under hood fuse block and I'll be damned if the radio and windows lost their power like they are supposed to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So is it a bad wiper switch, wiper motor or washer motor? How could this cause my radio/window problem? Come on guys, help me figure this out. And I have to add that my wife said I should have fixed the wipers in the first place and none of this would have happened!
  6. I never checked before , but the windshield wipers also have power all of the time! Just another wrinkle in my mystery.
  7. <<I guess it would be nice if you could verify you did pull the correct relay.>> That is just what my wife said!! LOL. I could not beleive it either. I looked to see if there was another relay tucked away among all of those wires and found nothing. I will dig into it again when I get home and verify that I am not screwing it up. The ign.sw. feels normal.
  8. If you pulled the Accessory Time Delay Relay, and the windows still work. Something is very wrong. As all the power for the windows pass thru that relay. Does car have remote start or aftermarket alarm? No, I do not have any aftermarket add-ons.
  9. The power stays on until it kills the battery overnight! I pulled the relay(Accessory Time Delay relay (RAP)), located in the wire conduit on the drivers side behind the carpet at the lower front door jamb and nothing happened. It doesn't matter what door I open or how long I wait, the radio and windows stay powered up. Are you guys talking about the wire that is connected to the door lock tumbler or is there another switch?
  10. Yes, the alarm does not disarm when I unlock the drivers door with the key, only if I use the remote or the passenger door key lock.
  11. Logan, Thanks for all of the info! Any diagnosis as to what the fix might be?
  12. I put in a new Accessory Time Delay relay (RAP) and no change (you have to pull up the carpet on the drivers side and it is in a wire conduit). I unpluged the relay and still no change. I unpluged the Controlled Power Relay that is located in the trunk and stiil no change. Where is the door jamb switch located. I can't find any reference to it in my FSM. i
  13. My backup lights were not working because of a corroded fuse at the fuse box under the hood. I fixed that and no change. Then i was doing the door open thing and noticed that the interior light on the drivers side door panel was not working but all of the other doors were. I changed the bulb and it is still not working. This leads me to think that Scottyy was right that it was maybe the door jamb switch not working. Another symptom I have is that the alarm does not deactivate when I use the key to unlock the drivers door. It disarms when I use the remote or unlock the passenger door with the key. So, what do I need to replace?
  14. I just put in a new Body Control Module (PZM) and it didn't change a thing. If the BCM is supposed to shut off power after 10 minutes or when a door is open, how could I still be getting juice to the radio and windows? Does the BCM have to get a signal form somewhere? Why wouldn't it kill power after 10 minutes if nothing else?
  15. I am having a tough time getting the BCM. Ordered it from rockauto for $120 but they couldn't get it. Brasington wants almost $400. Found one from a bone yard for $80 and they want the number off of the old one which is still in the car. I sent them the OE part number and see if that is good enough. And yes the battery did go dead so I am putting it on a trickle charger at night.
  16. Read my thread http://caddyinfo.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=16883. It may give you some help!
  17. No luck. Opening any of the doors has no effect.
  18. Yea, both the radio and windows have power all of the time. I use the car every day and so far the battery hasn't gone dead overnight. So I think that it couldn't be the relays. They get their juice from the PZM and the PZM is supposed to shut off the juice after 10 minutes and it isn't.
  19. The FSM says the PZM powers the Accessort Time Delay relay and the Controlled Power Relay. Any of the doors will stop the timer in the PZM. Mine keeps going no matter what doors I open. Looks like the PZM is the problem. Further research to see how to test the PZM!
  20. Yep. The windows have power too! Any suggestions on what they call the module and where I can get it?
  21. My 99 Deville radio does not shut off after I turn off the car and open the door. It stays on until I turn it off at the radio knob. Retained Accessory relay maybe? Why just the radio? PS: Can anyone tell me where I can go to "Use The Search Function School"?
  22. I replaced the fusible link and all is well!
  23. I was putting back the wires on the power distribution post and I touched my wrench to the fender and caused a spark. Now I get the message "No ECM Data". The dash and everything else lights and works but now I get nothing when I turn the key to start it. Did I fry something when I shorted the wrench to the fender?
  24. Your 97 is different then my 91. There is a fuse center under the hood on the drivers side behind the headlights and the fuse block is in the glove box. I pulled every fuse there is in both locations and all are good.
  25. Driving home last night I hit my brights and lost all of my exterior lights. Dims, brights and parking. The turn signals and brake lights work. I had a new dimmer switch so I put it in this morning with no results. The fuses are all OK and there were no codes. What do you think?
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