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  1. It is the front of the engine on the passenger side of the block. I can see the hose but have no idea as to how to get to it. There doesn't seem to be a way from the bottom , but that is why I am asking if anybody has ever done this repair.
  2. Thanks for the replies. The leak is almost a steady stream when I pressurize the system. I can see the hose but I have no idea as to how to get to it. It looks like the radiator and condenser have to be removed to get to it.
  3. My 91 Eldo has a slow drip and I think it is the coolant pipes that run along the side of the block and I think they are behind the exhaust manifold. Has anybody replaced theirs? How do you get to them? I can see them but I don't see how to get to them.
  4. My 2007 DTS (120,000 miles) stalls when I shift from reverse to drive when the car is started in the morning and as I back out of my driveway. I shift to neutral and restart and it is fine for the rest of the day. Next morning, same thing all over again. It also feels like the trans is slipping at first, but clears up quickly. Any ideas?
  5. I put the new injectors in yesterday morning and it is back to running great. You people are the best! Thanks for all of the good advise.
  6. By the way, as far as I remember, to lift up the fuel rails you do not have to remove completely PS pump or anything else. Just loosen them up and you will see a way to lift the rails. The new injectors probably came with o-rings. Use them instead of old ones. Clean the are around the injectors with a brush, before lifting them up. My engine was a mess because of several oil leaks. This is the second set of injectors since I have owned it. You are right about the PS pump, I didn't have to remove it the first time.
  7. I ordered a set of reman injectors for $137. I should have them early next week and will post back how it goes. Will I mess up the engine if I drive it the way it is?
  8. It didn't seem to miss while cruising before, but it does now. Even with a light throttle I can feel the miss like it is not hitting on all 8. Fuel pressure is stil good. I have not touched the TPS yet.
  9. The new ICM and coil didn't change a thing. When I brake torque it, it misses like on the highway. Injectors maybe?
  10. A stuck open EGR valve might be a source of massive vacuum leak, but it would affect idle too. It idles fine. ICM is the next part to be hung!
  11. Fuel pressure is 38-42 even when it looses power.
  12. Fuel pressure is 38-42 even when it looses power. I did the load test and terminal cleaning and the battery is good. I do not have a coil but it looks like I am going to replace it with the module. I will put the water absorbent in but I do not think that is it. I went to DeKalb and I filled it up there and then drove 80 miles back home without any problem. The next morning the problem occurred.
  13. I just replaced the wires and same thing. It is OK when cruising under light throttle but as soon as I give it some gas it looses power and stutters and hicups or backfires. I take my foot out of it and it runs fine. The cat was removed a long time ago and the muffler is new. No codes either. I replaced the distributor a couple of years ago with a NAPA reman. ??????
  14. My 91 Eldo is acting up. It acts as if it is starving for fuel when it is under a load. It idles fine but when I am driving it feels like it is starving for gas and looses power when I put my foot in it. No codes, fuel pressure is 38-42 #'s even when it is acting up, new fuel filter, plugs, cap and rotor. What else am I missing?
  15. It was on the right side just about in the middle of the fender just below the lip were the hood rests. There is a plastic cover and under it are a few links for other things. I do not have the car here at the moment but if you need more help I will be glad to get more info. I did it quite a while ago and do not remember all of how I did it.
  16. Are you saying that if I do as winterset suggests, I will stop the P0741 code? I would do a temporary wiring until I passed the emissions test.
  17. Kevin, I added your note to my file. I will do it when I drop the carriage. Thnaks, Bill.
  18. You could also have a dead cell. You have to check the acid in each cell with a battery hydrometer. If there is a noticeable difference between reading in any of the cells it is probably a bad battery. They can pass a load test and still have a bad cell. Just my 2 cents!
  19. Kevin, I haven't looked at the cooler lines, but I will. I am just wondering why it throws the code if it is in 3rd. I thought it would only do it if it goes into 4th. I know I will need to change the solenoid and have been making plans to do so. Thanks for the response! Bill.
  20. Wow! No Ideas? I know I will have to do it the right way but I can't do it outside in this weather(Freezing Cold). I have gathered all of the info from this and other forums on doing it the right way but was hoping someone would have a temporary fix for now. Have a nice Christmas! Bill.
  21. My 99 Deville has had the P0741 for a long time and I have always been able to pass emissions by keeping it in 3rd gear for a while and then taking the test. Now it throws the code even in 3rd gear. I am going to clean the connector and see if that helps. Why do you think it is doing it in 3rd? I go about a 100 miles and then it does it. Not while I am cruising but when I put it in reverse or pull away from a stop sign. Does anybody know how long I have to drive in 3rd to satisfy the computer? If I know that I can try to take the test before it throws it.
  22. I can't get my passenger rear door open. The lock seems to be working but it won't open. HELP!!!!!
  23. I just had the rear window on my Eldo smashed by a falling tree limb. They want close to $600 to replace it. They say it is so high because of the cloth roof. Anybody ever do this job? I took all of the chrome trim and window trim off but I do not see how you can move the roof. Any help would be appreciated!
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