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  1. My 98' STS always seemed to have "low bass" as well. My current 01' STS with the same system seems to have much more bass than 98' did. The system is definetly not tuned for huge "rap bass" and I am personally glad it's not. I agree....crank up the bass and crank it up. We should also remember that it is a BOSE system and the speakers are still paper cone and ruber coil to save cost.

  2. Ok, well I have detailed leather seats for my friends before that are very dirty. I think your keys words in this are "VERY DIRTY". Some people are not going to agree with this but it works. Get yourself some Prestone interior cleaner. The can with the scruber on the end. Spay it on your leather, about a 6" square at a time. scrub, but not to hard, and wipe of with a rag. Do the whole seat this way. Keep in mind you definetley need to use a good conditioner after this as this cleaner will dry the seats some. I like Eagle One Nano conditioner. Spray it on, rub it in by hand, and let dry for about 20 min. Wipe off access with a soft cloth.

    The interior cleaner works wonders on dirty vynil as well. Good luck!

  3. I Have a 98 sts, and was wondering if its Possible to just put in the sub and amp with the stock head unit, If so what would be the procedure to do this?

    Are you thinking of adding a sub box? Ive thought about this before and decided if I needed more base from the factory Bose system that I would replace the 10" in the factory location with a more efficient aftermarket sub. From there, you can get a Bose to aftermarket adapter to tie into the Bose signal and get premaps out. Getting the power to the amp should be easy as the battery is under the rear seat and It would not be hard to run the power cable into the rear deck. I know some people don't like Crutchfield, but they would be a good place to start for components.

  4. I decided to customize the intake cover for my Eldo (partially because it was damaged) - and it was a good excuse to change the color.

    Small damage circled in red:


    Cadillac emblem removed, sanded with 120, 320, then 600 wet:


    Sprayed with three coats of plastic paint, and allowed to outgas 48 hours:


    Wet sanded with 2000 grit - right side rotary polished with 3M finesse it II machine polish (one pass):


    Three passes with rotary:


    The camera doesn't do it any real justice, but it looked pretty good in person. Made me a little more confident about doing touch-ups.

    Notice I said "looked" pretty good. I should have quit while I was ahead. But nooooo... I wanted to clear coat it as well.

    The first coat went fine. Waited 10 min per instructions. Upon spraying the second coat (from a new can), I noticed the paint began to bubble and dissolve! :huh:

    I thought maybe it was the machine polish, but it says in big letters paint shop safe, and the bottle lists no silicone. I made sure before I sprayed the clear coat, I wiped the cover down with Isopropl Alcohol & water mixed 1:1.

    I have NO idea what happened, but I got disgusted at the ruin of about 4 days work, I cut the garage light out and came inside. :(

    I'll let it dry and sand it down tomorrow and start over. :angry:

    Should I try clearcoat again, or use spray varnish instead, or just polish and leave it alone?

    I did this on my 98 STS as well. I didn't sand near as much, just scuffed the surface to get good adhesion. A couple coats of white later, sanding in between coats, and then polish. I had removed the cadillac symbol, so I glued it back on, and that was it. The bubbling will be caused by the incompatability between the paint and clear. Read, Read, Read the lables man. I have been screwed on that before as well.

  5. Hello all,

    I want to put a rear deck spoiler on my 1996 STS. I have seen a few 96-98's sporting some tight fitting low profile oem looking spoilers. However when inquiring the dealership about spoilers for these years I was informed they did not have an optional spoiler for those years. So my questions are: What was the first year a spoiler was available for an STS, and who in everyone's opinion has the best oem looking spoiler to fit on a 1996 Seville STS? Thanks in advance for everyone's suggestions and info.

    When I had my 93 STS I looked into this as well. I didn't have much luck finding anything. Plenty of sights on the web that spoilers that they say "work", but who knows what they would look like once you got it on. If you find anything, let us know.

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