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  1. Will have a picture tomorrow or two tomorrow if you want to see damage, also suspect radiator punctured, I will send picture upon request
  2. I have a 1998 cadillac sts that i recently decided to part out. I have the motor and transmission with 126,000 miles and all interior seats, radio,climate controls, Etc. Only problem it was in a front end collison, Air bags Deployed, Front bumper Ripped off, Hood has small dent a few inches from logo on left,Head lights are smashed Windshield cracked, grill cracked and passenger quarter panel is dented. Those are the only problem with it, I dont have the money to fix it so im gonna just part it out. If you need any parts just post or leave a message for me, I will get on and check and reply. So if you want a part, (Or the whole thing) just leave a message or post.
  3. Ive got a 98 STS and i want to make it sound like a real v8 should and im just wondering if i take off the old stock mufflers and maybe put on flowmasters do you think if i just do the mufflers instead of a whole cat back system ill get a noticeable sound difference
  4. im hopefully takin it to a shop this week so we will see
  5. i did and all i can really see is coolant on the lines next to the abs module
  6. yea ive seen some white residue around so once i have a place i can use a lift ill check the back lines someone told me the lines behind the engine are know to rot out. Now i have a bad leak i can see coolant gathering on that plastic skid plate thing on the bottem of car and im not sure where its coming from it looks like it may be coming from the front of the engine somewhere one of my friends said it might be coming from the the water pump but im not sure. any ideas?
  7. yea ive seen some white residue around so once i have a place i can use a lift ill check the back lines someone told me the lines behind the engine are know to rot out.
  8. I got the message Low coolant level Last week or maybe the week before, So i put some more in until it was at the proper level, Then today I got the message again, Put more in. Then when i got done with school (mechanics school no less) i got check oil level, I have no coolant leaks that i know of. Sometimes when im driving around i can smell coolant i havent seen any coolant puddles or anything like that. I also have like mud kind of looking stuff in the coolant take, Do you guys think these could be signs of a blown HG.
  9. fleetwoods are where its at id trade my sts for a fleetwood anyday. Im a big fan of fleetwoods.
  10. i like crutchfield i got a cd deck off the site and couldnt figure out how to mount it and i called and they helped me out
  11. hahahaha, Thats great i remember seeing that on tv before.
  12. that guy that posted and said he wouldnt be checking for replies
  13. I won't be checking on the replies so have at it. Typical Liberal move, When you smell a fight coming run.
  14. The torrent is just the start.. Think of it as a tiny pointer to where the huge file lives you need to install "bit torrent" or other file sharing tool to actually pull the files across. download bit torrent here: download? I got it all figured out
  15. Does it trip any codes when it does it?
  16. boy 2000 for that you got yourself a great deal, Ilove how daytons and vogues look on that, Me personally im more of a fan of 84's and vogues but that looks darn good, Nice job you keep that bad boy clean.
  17. yea they arnt luxiurous and infact i find them rather ugly, But they have a cool thing called sync you can have voice commands and itll do what you tell it im not sure if other cars have had this but its pretty cool.
  18. yes we have those, i dont believe they make that style anymore here but you see them around, now they are four door coupes, maybe they still make them here but i havent seen an 08 or an 09 style of that
  19. really focuses are fords number 1 i believe, at the shop the only thing i ever saw them in for was oil changes and minor things nothing ever really major. But tauruses (the older ones) were terrible the new 500 i think they changed the name too, are pretty nice. I like the lincolns though.
  20. yea the highways are always so crowded you cant even do a WOT.
  21. That was once true. After the oil embargo of the early 70's they lowered the national speed limit to 55 for a few years to "safe gas". Boy did that suck! I must call the morons at the road department here and tell them that the crisis is over Every time I get into an argument about speed limits I refer to the German A-bahn. If the speed is so dangerous how can the average a-bahn user survive? I believe that speed itself only determines how hard the accident will be, it isn't the root cause for the accident. The root causes are careless driving, drunk driving, drugs, diseases, lack of skill and/or not paying attention to the driving. And being a new jersey/Mass resident haha
  22. BMW isnt to bad id say if i wasnt a cady fan that may be my fav, that and ford, I worked at a ford dealership and they kinda grow on you as you go.
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