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    deville 1990
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    4.9L OHV V8

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  1. Will a dead power wire to the number #1 fuel injector cause a code# 23 from the ecm?
  2. having hesitation when i hit the gas pedal at idle and after stopping i do have a exaust leak at the flange.
  3. Repair or replace that line it is important to your ecm giving correct info for proper making your car run right trust me you wont regret it.
  4. wheel bearig in your hub has failed change it asap (new if you can )
  5. check your tps sensor or just replace it see if that works.
  6. Was the #1 cylinder firing before you did all the work? What was the reason you replaced the injector, ECM, and distributor? because it was not hitting is why i did all the work its firing but not at the right time
  7. only code showing E52 don,t see any relevance to one cylinder not hitting but any thing possible i guess
  8. My #1 cylinder is not firing ,I have changed the intake gasket,new distributor,wires,injector, spark plugs and the computer (ECM). Is there a particular problem with this car thats not obvious i,m overlooking or that,s so strange that only a few would be aware of need help folks
  9. can the seal on a H6-OR compressor (1990 deville) be changed?. If yes where can i get a new one.
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