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  1. CC, thanks for this summary. Very helpful to understand and troubleshoot the roof down the road. Cheers, Bill
  2. Thanks guys. Appreciate the feedback. I'll check out XLR.net. Cheers, Bill
  3. I've been having the odd problem with my roof lately. The dealer tells me I've got a couple bad switches that are intermittently acting up. The roof goes down ok, but sometimes will not go up. The trunk lid opens and the rear panel behind the seats flips up, but then it stalls and the hydraulics just bogs down. I'd like to do my own troubleshooting but need a step-by-step guide so I can follow the order of things that have to happen in sequence. Does anyone have something like this? I'm sure that Cadillac dealers must have something to help their techs. I'm pretty sure all XLR owners would lo
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