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    2004 cts
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    3.2L DOHC V6

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  1. Hi, I have a cts with the base unit in it... i was looking to swap the unit out so that i could put in the navigation unit... is this possible? n is this a direct swap? also i would also like to possibly put in a bluetooth unit n hook up my ipod to the nav. unit. i am just wondering is this can happen? i dont want to loose my diagnostics that the car has cause they are very useful... so please can someone help me...
  2. Hey, so i was looking at a website which states that the 3.2 and 3.6 caddy cts can use the same borla exhaust for the dual pipe... if this is true i would perfer to use the magnaflow made for the 3.6... i just want to make sure that it will fit before i buy it... does anyone know if i can cause i would be saving over 200 dollars to go with the magnaflow... thanks justin 2004 3.2l cts, 5spd man.
  3. Hi Bruce, I am looking to change my transmission to the 6 speed manual so if the aisin works then great... i didnt know that they had the option for a 6spd outside of the cts-v... but i also want to do a borla exhaust, drop a stage 2 clucth and flywheel, and find a supercharger that will fit so i can have more power without trading my car in for a ctsv.... so any info that can help would be greatly appreciated... thanks justin
  4. Hey guys, and gals... I have an 04 cadillac cts and i am trying to figure out if i can successfully get a 04 ctsv transmission and drop it in place of mine... i am searching to find out if the bolt pattern will line up and if there is anything else i would have to do to make this adjustment possible. if anyone has any idea or just info to help please let me know. thanks justin
  5. I have gone online and looked all over but can not find an ECu upgrade for my caddy and i would also like to find out what kind of upgrades i can do besides an intake and an exhaust. does anyone know what i can do? has anyone made any changes? plus i want to change my transmission and drive train to a 6spd from the 5spd? any info would be helpful so please help me out. thanks, justin
  6. hey i have a 3.2l cts, 5spd man. and with it comes with this dinky little single outlet for an exhaust. i want to see if i can put on the front and rear bumper from a 04 cts-v so i can drop a borla exhaust on it... also does anyone know of headers and cats that i can use to increase my exhaust flow??? thanks, justin
  7. Hey Jeff, my name is justin, i also am looking for the ability to get my ipod and bluetooth to work also... the problem that i seem to be running into though is with my 04 cts, i want to put in the navigation system and dont know if i can aux, hook up the ipod or attach a bluetooth unit to it... if there is anyone out there that has done it or has any ideas, please help us out... i run into the problem of loosing my diagnostics, and info if go aftermarket so.... thanks a ton... justin
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