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  1. All of you gentlemen are correct. The LD37 or 275hp NS has a milder cam. it also has an 3:11 gear ratio. the LD38 300hp NS has an more aggressive cam and fuel/air ratio curve to match. The 3:71 gear ratio ( I think? ) snaps through the quarter faster because of that upper rpm band of 4500 plus, all the way to 6000rpm. I have experimented with flipping out computers. A base with a PCM out of the same year DTS. As I suspected and previously noted on here. The fuel gets pretty rich under WOT. and with the difference in tranny gearing the PCM is in LIMP mode from the get go. I have been all over t
  2. Man, that is one hateful Caddy, If I had the money i would trade my S55 AMG in for one of those heat seekers. I am proud that Cadillac has had enough crap with the Europeans, and Japanese, when it comes to power, prestige, and perfection.
  3. Yes i can my friend (www.woodview.com), an excellent assortment of woodgrain goodies for your El Dawg. I recently bought a 40 piece set of exactly matching wood interior for just a tad over $170 beans. It is the truth, and adds that sexiness that only Cadillac can only deliver. Tiny
  4. On my "04" I actually experimented with some tuner exhaust and actually produced a "deep mellow yacht" style of sound. The days of the 70's as my Pop's would say. 3" pipe back from the converter (high flow) ofcourse. Beautiful idle, until youcrack the throttle from the light. The Crown Vic, Lincoln, and Mercury boys are saying WTF! No glasspacks here gentlemen. Now its on to flash that OBD II ECU to get my top end right and fuel curve cleaned up.
  5. All of these inputs on this forum is good information. I have done research on this subject. Every ( GM ) technician I have spoken to, which has been plenty has advised against anything over 10w-30. If you look in your manual at the oil chart the 5w-30 is what recommended along with 10w-30 but at a smaller temperature range ofcourse. My good friend and neighbor is an Master technician at the local dealership ( 26 years ). He explained this to me. Anything under 75,000 miles 5w-30 is a good standard as long as you have the 3 to 5,000 mile oil change ritual going. But after 75,000 miles toleranc
  6. NO As my counterpart explained directly in two letter form, the motor is shot. The block is three pieces of aluminum. These motors are notorious for stripping head bolts. Which, therefore comma leads to ala cream dele northstar (blown head gasket). If you read the manual on both generations they go through many safety characteristics before giving up the ghost. Shutting down the A/C , going in to power limp mode, specific cylinders cooling the heads and block, rpm default mode etc. After all that there is no saving it. Put it on ebay for a nostalgic boat anchor.
  7. Sounds good Bruce, I bet those dual mufflers give her a nice throaty growl. The OEM mufflers in the tail contain a massive amount of backpressure and great V8 sound. I have been doing some research and as of yet they do not make a power programmer 3 for either generation of Northstar, or Oldsmobile's Shortstar. Your base model "Deville, Seville, or Eldog", (LD37) will drop the fuel pump anywhere around 125-130 mph. I don't know if that is mph controlled or RPM driven? But on the other hand your DTS, STS, and ETC will walk the dog on up the scale. I have had my 97 STS up to 148 mph on stock ski
  8. A good reference of tire size for your car is victoriatiretire.com, these guys are pretty methodical. The next best thing than asking the OEM guys themselves. But IMO 245/45/16 is a standard meaty approach. Once you get past 50 series you are starting to stretch the envelope in height and width. You don't want to start throwing your speedo off. "Tiny" Crawford
  9. Furthermore does anyone know about some computer upgrades with the OBD II ECM, or a possible power programmer III, ADS Superchips, or Hypertech? Could some help me out. "Tiny" Crawford
  10. I wanted to ask the public there opinions of aftermarket exhaust for Cadillacs? I have owned six Caddy's and have did exhaust tuning to five of them. Everything from a 1950 61 series sedan, to a 99 Escalade, to a 04 Deville. What I have noticed is that #1 the competition is stiff and expensive. #2 the sound performance is similar, except for "BILLY BOAT". But in the past being a sound mechanic and military trained certified welder, I have found out through other various sources and vendors you can create a pretty darn sounding, looking, and performing combination. Consider paying $800-$1000 b
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