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    1966 coupe de,ville
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    I love cadillac,s iv,e had one before I could even drive or had a licence I should say. my father gave me a 1979 deville when I was 11 for a project to start working on cars. well sine then I have owned 10 cadillacs and all of them have been good cars. so I cant picture myself in another type of car it would not feel right. a few years back I had a 1988 rwd brougham with the 307 v8 5.0L and I remember I tryed to beat the car to death and it would not die that was a great car. and belive it or not I had a 1997 deville and I beat that car so bad and the only thing went wrong was the waterpump in about 30,000 miles of abuse. I couldent belive it my self. and now I have a 1966 cadillac coupe de,ville and has not had a tune up in about 27-30 years and still runs great. you could not tell unless you look at the wires. starts every time and never dies...

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  1. so there is nothing i can do for a quick fix?. just for a week or so un till i buy a new cadillac...
  2. does any type of seal work for headgaskets for a northstar? if so what brand?...
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