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    Eldo engine swap

    This pretty much covers it... http://www.northstarperformance.com/interchange.php Dogbones were not used after 2000 except for Eldos....but the holes are there for the brackets. Buried in the details.....a different crankshaft in 2000....."A new crankshaft with a different reluctor wheel (crank position wheel) is used"
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    Running Rough

    You can get access to the same GM info the dealers use cheap. ACDelco site offers unlimited use for 3 days for $20. https://www.acdelco.com/for-professionals/gm-service-information.html Fuse #29 has a lot connected to it...Also known as 'IGN 1' fuse.
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    Service Manager at the dealership forwarded me this email today: He says the warranty on the repairs has now been bumped up from the regular 12 months to 24 months (36,000 miles). I should get a packet in the mail soon. GM rep called me back and apologized, she didn't realize that the extended warranty trumped he offer of OnStar (apparently they are not allowed to do both), so her request for free OnStar was declined. Oh well, I'd rather have the warranty and call the tow truck myself anyway. I guess when it all boils down, they really did try to make it right. Car is still running perfect.
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    I was going to ask if this was a direct injected engine the other day. Watch this video.
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    Please keep us posted. I am skeptical of the top end cleaner as you did not have the issue before the repair. If you were burning oil excessively It is highly suggested, although I have not found great success in it, even after being done twice. I feel for you as I pay pretty good on a rare occasion to have someone do a job for me, Expectations are high but end result may vary. I wish you the very best
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    Leaking grease from CV boots?

    Well, I had some time on Sat. so I dug into this problem. Napa had some replacement clamps for $2.30 ea. and I bought a packet of CV grease ($4) and put Betty White up on the ramps! The hardest part of this whole thing was getting the old clamps off without damaging the boots! The just were tough to unhook from the tabs on the strips, even after twisting the crimped area loose. These clamps had definitely loosened over time though, I could actually spin them with my hand quite easily! I pulled back the boot far enough to poke the corner of the grease pouch into the joint and squeezed aprox. half the bag in each one. I you do this, make sure you wipe the boot area nice and clean with a rag with brake clean to have a nice, dry surface for the clamp to grip on. One other tip, put a jack under the control arm and lift till the axle is fairly level. (but still have safe, sufficient weight on the jack stands) You don't want to try and put the new clamp on with the axle hanging down at an angle, stretching the boot... Getting the new clamp on was a breeze and I used this small nipper plier to snug the clamp up, following with a bigger nippers to really tighten them down. All seems to be holding fine!
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    Eldo engine swap

    Sorry but these engines will not interchange.
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    Battery Replacement

    Only thing I would worry about is the monitors, but if you are not due for a state inspection I would not worry about retaining anything. Welcome To CaddyInfo Forum
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    Jan Olsson

    The STS has left the family

    It has really served me well. I still expect to see it on the parking lot sometimes when I look out the window.
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    Bruce Nunnally

    Running Rough

    What you describe sounds like an intermittent short at the ignition switch or the wiring going to the starter. The Starter on the northstar is in the V in the V8. A continuity check between the starter terminal and ground would suggest a short condition.
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    The ongoing Deville thread

    I figured out the pics. Hope it works
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    96 Deville Blower Motor.

    95-99 IIRC The 3 part one I have seen hit or miss. Up to around 97. That is the one my 96 had. It sure seemed to be original on mine. Both of my 97s have the 1 part motor.
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    96 Deville Blower Motor.

    It can come out. Likely by breaking the cage. I bet that is what happened on the install. That is why it would vibrate
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    Cadillac Deville crank but no start

    Ok tried fuse jumper.. car started a few times but died quickly, within seconds. Checked fuel pressure. It was at zero. Put test light on connectors at fuel pump. I had power going to both connectors. I reinstalled old fuel pump at pressure shot up to 38 PSI just like before. Still wouldn't start. Just cranked. Sprayed ether in the intake and still it would start. Last time I had checked spark I was getting blue spark but I only checked on the front bank. Back bank looked like a pain in the but to get too. The new fuel pump was brand new AC Delco. Seems to be defective. Also wasn't sure on orientation of fuel pump relay so I plugged in to the left side one time and then into right side of relay ports. Right side blew fuse immediately. Whatever that means.
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    Follow up: My 'Component Coverage Letter' arrived in the mail from GM (see below). Guys, color me impressed. Note the section I circled in the middle. That's not just the parts replaced (injectors, cats, high pressure fuel pump), that's more or less the whole engine. And the "all internally lubricated engine parts" line is great because that should cover the infamous timing chain failure these engines are known for. Very pleasantly surprised on how this all turned out. Almost worth the month of aggravation for this added (very generous) warranty coverage. Car still running (and starting) great.
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    Cadillac Deville crank but no start

    Curious.....does the serpentine belt look fairly new? I've had a couple of serpentine belts fail in a new way....so much so there is one brand I won't use. They let go one of the outer 'strings' on the belt......the long broken belt string whips around knocking out sensors and wiring along the way. This can go on for a thousands of miles before being noticed. Maybe the cam sensor fell victim to this? Maybe why he cannot see the sensor? It got wiped out by a bad belt? Belt picture is from Google....not mine. The ones I've seen have only been one of the outer strings failed. Northstar pic shows the cam sensor would be directly in-line for damage from a failing belt stringer. It also shows the cam sensor moved closer to the intake on the latter engines.
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    I will let all members know after assembly.
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    I think (just my two cents) is that the pump is bad. I have seen on other sites that you should really use an A/C Delco (or other OEM); maybe the pump replaced was an off brand. (Just a WAG; wild arse guess). I surely will yield to the more tech-savvy responses.
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    Halfway through our road trip. I REALLY wish they hadn't given us this vehicle. Is great. It's a dream on the interstate. Overall I'm really enjoying the XT5. Will make a good replacement for the SRX one day. Hopefully far far down the road. No update thus far from the dealer.
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    Put car back together with new plenum. Just waiting for the MAP sensor that I broke before seeing if that was my problem. Hope so!
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    The 5 MPH impact shocks that hold the front bumper have leaky seals. The oil loss is preventing the bumper from staying in place, so I cannot get the middle of it to stay aligned with the grille. I will eventually replace them and get the bumper located correctly. (NOTE: the licence plate holder was left off for now to better show the middle.)
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    Cadillac Deville crank but no start

    I think the bulletin you mention is for the 4.9L and earlier engines. On the 4.xL engines there is a ground wire mounted to the front of the engine block next to the starter. Current issue thinking there was a major backfire.....causing some smoke in the intake.....smoke leaked out of the ruptured plenum boot.....which is located directly above the starter on a Northstar. You really need a scan tool to condemn the PCM. There is plenty of stuff right now that needs to be verified before even thinking it's a bad PCM. Check for a ripped rubber plenum.....low fuel pressure issue....no spark issue... Then again....maybe it's a flood car...all the computers may be toast.
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    Agreed. I guess the proof will be in the pudding. As long as it works when I pick it up then whatever. They want to keep it an additional day or so to be sure it's fixed. I'll keep you updated.