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    They are out there! Seen several on line/fleabay/etc. along with a few universal units. Check Dorman products as they have similar looking universal units. Heres what the GM OE looks like:
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    On the Northstar the camshaft position sensor is on the passenger side end of the rear cylinder head. No where near the oil filter housing. See attached pic. Do you really mean crankshaft sensors? There are 2 on front of engine....kinda near the oil filter housing. You do have the Northstar and not the 4.9L engine right?
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    It's not really up to the dealer to find a part or solution for a 25 year old car. Anyway....there is a site that shows a short list of dealers that may have one. http://oemcats.com/oem-parts/18018429.html Don't hold your breath on that list....but may be worth checking.
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    Good bye Betty White!

    Wow, I think you are correct Bruce! I did not realize this, but when I looked it up this is what I found on WI DMV site... Now this doesn't say specifically the purchaser needs to register within this 30 days, but I'm sure they would love to get that revenue stream coming in... as well as make sure they want to know who's possession the vehicle is in ASAP in case of criminal use. ****************************************************************************************************** I sold my vehicle. Do I need to let the state Department of Transportation know? As of January 1, 2016 you must notify the Department of Transportation within 30 days if you have sold a vehicle. This includes junked vehicles sold with a bill of sale. You must report: Date of sale Price. Vehicle identification number (VIN) of the vehicle The name of the buyer
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    Lämnade in på Speedy i Västberga för ett större jobb. Har en likadan modell som dig..Det gick faktiskt bra och priset var rimligt! Missljudet kan vara servopumpen som börjar ge upp. Fler tips i Stockholmsområdet mottages gärna!!
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    I was surprised when GM didn't elect Cadillac as the obvious Batttery Electric or hybrid champion from the start. Knowing that there is some increased cost for early adopters, and technology maturation needed, Cadillac seemed ideal for the role as opposed to Chevrolet & the Volt approach. That said, as long as gas prices are low in the US, which I believe will stay true over the mid term, trucks or crossovers are out selling cars. So an electric crossover, if done in a sexy way, can be successful.
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    Moving Cadillac/GM into the future is starting with an EV of crossover styling; this is a major paradigm shift for Cadillac, one which has been traditionally a stoic reflection of the best you could produce as a car. As it was presented, It looks like a plan, and the execution looks solid but hoping that the new platform will be as versatile as it appears, and that the battery solution works better than anything out there today. These future electrics, while still being touted as our automotive savior, will live or die with batteries and how they evolve and how they move forward. In my opinion, they still need a lot of work; maybe this is the beginning of that work.