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    Odd Ball Northstar?

    Hello & thanks for the advice. Attached a picture. Enjoy!
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    Well am now driving it. Stupid battery terminals were loose again. At least 2 turns each. Grr. Creaking is slowly getting less noticeable. Finally got ABS and Traction lights off last night. Drove all day today without a problem. I ran the pump manually for about 30 seconds. Alignment seems off since alignment got done. Just my luck. Car looks like new with the detail job done
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    I think the CT5-V is a nice car suffering from being mis-branded. If it were the CT5 Premium or CT5 VSport it would be well received.
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    The "edit" button has gone away on the post of 9:05 Monday morning. I think that happens once others have quoted or perhaps "liked" the post. If you can't re-enable the edit button, please delete the last sentence of the third paragraph that begins "This ...". I don't think I could help him very much on the basis of the video. The STS-V and CTS-V are very different cars and drivelines, except for the transmission. I would start by reading his OBD codes, though; he must have tons of them. Bruce or other STS-V owners would know more about his car. His over-the-air fixes were to take effect in late August according to the video, so that would have come and gone. My main concern on the basis of the videos is that there might have been some overvoltage by a battery charger that damaged some modules, because his touch screens didn't respond; I hope that was for the radio modes only. That can be due to corrupted software, which may or may not be corrected over-the-air. Normally, disconnecting the battery simply resets all the modules and you need to re-learn the throttle, timing, and such, and re-set the radio station that you were listening to, but certainly simply disconnecting the battery doesn't damage anything. The wheel sensors could be missing, have wiring or connector issues, etc. The TPS system probably has missing tire sensors; some tire and wheel people don't know what they are and will simply throw them away and use new valve stems when re-mounting a tire.