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    This is my 92 Seville. Yes, it is a Seville and not an STS. I bought all STS body panels and bumpers from a salvage, painted them, and installed. It has been my daily driver for about a year and a half. I recently changed jobs and needed to drive 35 miles each way for 3 months of training. I was getting about 17 mpg so, I bought a 2017 Jaguar XF 20d. 42 mpg. BUT, that doesn’t mean I am getting rid of my Cadillacs. I have 5. The Seville has been very slowly losing coolant for a year or more. I’ve tested for head gasket leaks several times and nothing. Time for intake gaskets. Anyone who has been around long enough to remember “the guru”, may remember talk about some factory test cars with the 4.9 that had some interesting modifications. There were quite a few back then who wanted to try this but to my knowledge, it was never done. Photo of the project in comments.
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    Allante intake manifold. The 4.5 and 4.9 are great motors . But, the inlet and outlet water pipes rust out that run underneath the engine and are no longer available.. It's a shame someone doesn't make those aftermarket!
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    Struts and Shock again

    Terrance, I'm not sure if it is still working - I sold the '96 SLS in the Fall of 2010. Hopefully it's still working. Further experimentation on a '97 STS showed a 4700 ohm resistor did the trick but that was an STS, not an STS and the systems are different. The '97 STS went to the junkyard in early 2017 (at 225,000 miles on the clock) due to a cracked water jacket on the engine block. My current fleet is a '05 and '04 Deville plus the '93 Fleetwood Brougham that I have owned since it had 15 miles on the odometer. The Fleetwood Brougham has always been reliable as are the Devilles - probably one of the reasons I've been absent from this discussion board for awhile.
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    Couple of things going on... Pre-bankrupcy 'Old GM' car.....limited production vehicle. 15+ years old. Some insurance companies are canceling policies on the XLR due to a lack of available parts. Example....used LED tail lights can cost $3000 each on eBay. The internet has kind of messed up local auto parts stores. Many no longer really keep a very large inventory of parts. Most can get what you need the same day or by the next day from the warehouse. The XLR certainly should not be classified as a 'common' vehicle or being able to get parts just because its a 'Cadillac'. Even GM does not have enough warehouses to keep parts for every car forever. They do try to keep parts around for about 10 years. Update......eBay shows 555 listings for XLR radiator.......also hundreds of listings on Google. Both include listings for new ACDelco units. You can get one.....just not during your lunch hour. The car is not a Chevy Cobalt.
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    I'm guessing hwy mileage suffers in the Silverado because of the lack of aerodynamics as speed increases. Turbos can be efficient but only when they aren't called on (too much) for that extra needed power (kind of like a four barrel carburetor of old; efficient when power isn't needed but the extra power is available when the back two barrels kick in; my analogy to the turbo is the boost not used unless needed). At hwy speeds, I'm guessing that the 2.7 turbo is relying on boost to run at speed. The CT4 cuts a much better air path so it works much better at hwy. Well, that's my take on those numbers anyway.
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    Very interesting design, I am confused as to why the highway gas mileage is less than a 5.7L though in the Silverado. I suppose however its due to the Silverado's weight vs a 4 cylinder that has to work harder.
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    Well, I'm buying a filter, new dextron VI oil and I'm taking oil change in an automatic transmission
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    Abimelec Arellano Design study I did to answer the question What if Cadillac made the Escalade back in 1959. Used Blender, Keyshot, Premiere and Photoshop.
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    It does have that Suburban'esk look to it; Caddy front and Caddy rear but perhaps a little ahead of its time (or would it have been...…. ponder, ponder).
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    Cruise control in Cadillac

    I have a set of air shocks that may fit your car. I have had them for a couple of years, I bought them and for some reason they didnt fit my friends Seville. Here is the part # and Cadillacs it fits. Please confirm that this AC DELCO part will fit your car and if it does we can work out a price and how I can ship them to you, if you would like them. They were $125, you can have them for $50US plus shipping. They come with new air tubing and fittings. You are hitting hard because the air shocks raise the rear of the car to proper ride height. The suspension is probably bottoming out. However, please determine that your ride height compressor is working. When you turn the key on, first you will hear the fuel pump cycle for about 3 seconds and then the compressor will cycle and turn off. It is possible that it was disconnected when the standard shocks were installed. Check that the fuse is in place and connector connected if you don't hear it cycle. Also look around the left rear (I think) for a level sensor and be sure its arm is attached to the suspension. Report any codes related to the leveling system here. I have them in storage, if you are interested, Ill get them out and take photos.
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    ooh, thats a nice spoiler. I would like to find a tasteful one for my Deville. Never seen another 3 part one like the one on my Seville
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    Where are you located ? I can do this for you not a problem . Contact me privately . Thanks
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    A review of upcoming Vs because they could not actually drive the cars.
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    Stalled ABS Pump 1997

    have someone cycle the key on and off as you tap on the motor of the abs pump with a brass drift or long extension. The pumps tend to freeze up when not being used. I have a 99 deville with 200K on it as a Winter car and cycle it often and it still works great!
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    Stalled ABS Pump 1997

    A quick look at the GM service manual shows no mention of a Tech1 or Tech2 being able to cycle the pump. You do know the unit can be split open? Right?
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    Struts and Shock again

    Mike, Same here.
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    I loved the 429 my parents and I had 4 of them. I did not know that the 390 was used for half the year, but now I know why the Hydromatic was used for half the year, it was most likely paired with the 390, and the Turbo-Hydromatic with the 429. This was the year they stopped the PNDLR configuration and went to the PRNDL shift pattern. I rebuilt a 429 during the summer of 1974 while working a summer job at Sun Shipbuilding and Drydock as a mechanic and did it on the ground on my back. It was a 66 Coupe Conv and I drove it back to college. I look at all of the room in that engine bay and remember how easy they were to work on.
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    Making some progress! I put new spark plugs in and managed to destroy two of the spark plug wires in the process. Had to order new wires. Interestingly enough, the 4.9 uses the exact same plug wires as a Bentley Turbo R! Next step is to do some careful bending on the fuel rail so it can clear the upper manifold. After that, it’ll be time to route the vacuum lines and do the wiring. Some of the harnesses will have to be extended to allow for the new sensor locations.
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    I really don't understand the question. Where are you located? There was a time where the export speedometers were calibrated to over report (show faster than actual) the vehicle speed by about 10 km per hour. Some odd law somewhere.. With all the navigation and GPS stuff now....I don't think it's still used.
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    Bruce Nunnally

    Cadillac Celestiq

    https://www.motortrend.com/news/2022-2023-cadillac-celestiq-ev-flagship-sedan/ Roughly previewed by the smaller Escala concept, the Celestiq will be a loooong four-door with a hatchback like an Audi A7 (rather than a trunk like a Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class) for the full four-door coupe effect. Built on GM's new BEV3 electric vehicle architecture, the fully electric sedan will hide its batteries under the floor and could be built with anywhere from one to three electric motors. Given its class and price, we expect it to come standard with the largest battery pack and more powerful motors in GM's toolkit, giving it the longest range and highest performance possible. Fast charging at 800 volts will allow it to be rapidly topped up at public stations. I wonder if we will see 3 motors 1K torque and $225K
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    Absolutely beautiful. I am still hot for one of these. Almost sealed the deal on one just before the shut down this year
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    A flash to the past, and not too past at that. These '90's models were perhaps the last gasp of the very softly sprung traditional Cadillac buyer. In '93 I had no means of acquiring one of these beauties as it was family time for the most part (station wagons and mini-vans) but my Dad had a couple of Caddy's that I got to drive, and even though very cushy, they handled better than most give them credit for (and power was good to great in any event). Cadillac starting making their move into the modern renditions with arguably the '05 STS but the '93 represented here, still represented the Mark admirably though Cadillac was starting to slip in the sales war. JMO and conjecture.
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    Missed this a few days ago... failure takes out new engine Complete Street Performance My CTS-V Wagon has gone down again because of a simple part. We'll explore the damage done to the NEW engine and try to understand why there was a fail in the first place. Also we'll see what our plans are for moving forward as we want the CTS-V engine to be back up and running, but better than the current budget build.
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    Almost an hour, but it was 'Maximum' Bob; yeah, I watched it all.
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    Color in your Cadillac https://www.hemmings.com/stories/2020/05/04/coloring-in-these-classic-car-images-is-great-and-all-so-what-you-really-want-is-more-car-images-to-color?refer=news&utm_source=edaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2020-05-04
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    mikkohoo writes: Ten years ago, I drove to the Port of Kotka to pick up this eBay purchase. I later made a video about it that became surprisingly popular. Here's an update on the car.
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    Sounds like a cool guy; I wouldn't mind "chewing the fat" with him for a while.
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    Thanks. I will be getting it done by the weekend. I'm looking foward to floating again.