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  1. rockfangd you were right, it was the head unit. I removed radio pn 16266916 and installed pn 09354796. I bought 09354796 on ebay back when you did the write up thread mentioned above (supposedly a rebuilt unit, it looks brand new). The interesting thing is I have been waiting all this time to replace it because I thought I needed a tech 2 to program the VIN but turned out that was not needed as the unit came unlocked (didn't know that was possible until your post above, live and learn). Here is a quote from your original thread "the number for the 98 Concours should be 16266916, 09354796 either number will work. The later is the newest number for the unit." again you were apparently right. The reason I bought this head unit originally was because the tape deck quit working, once FM quit working I had to replace it. I know I am probably the only one that still listens to cassettes but anyone else have tapes they recorded from early 80's that still work and sound like new (and I live in Texas and keep the tapes in the car all summer :-)? Can't beat those old Maxell ud xl 2 90 minute tapes. Thanks guys for all the help!
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