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    Bruce Nunnally

    Cadillac Celestiq

    https://www.motortrend.com/news/2022-2023-cadillac-celestiq-ev-flagship-sedan/ Roughly previewed by the smaller Escala concept, the Celestiq will be a loooong four-door with a hatchback like an Audi A7 (rather than a trunk like a Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class) for the full four-door coupe effect. Built on GM's new BEV3 electric vehicle architecture, the fully electric sedan will hide its batteries under the floor and could be built with anywhere from one to three electric motors. Given its class and price, we expect it to come standard with the largest battery pack and more powerful motors in GM's toolkit, giving it the longest range and highest performance possible. Fast charging at 800 volts will allow it to be rapidly topped up at public stations. I wonder if we will see 3 motors 1K torque and $225K
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    Absolutely beautiful. I am still hot for one of these. Almost sealed the deal on one just before the shut down this year