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    Ah Ha!!!!! ( Circuit 156 would be the white wire from each door key tamper switch and trunk key tamper switch to the door mini wedge switches. ) It seems the trunk key tamper switch is at fault.... The tether to the trunk lock was cut or broken off. I get a reading of 0.3 Ohms between the two terminals. and a reading of 0.6 Ohms from each terminal to the tether line. I assume it should be open. because after I unplugged it the lights turned off as they should. BTW Im located in south Jersey ..... Thank you ..... KHE and BodybyFisher The next issue is no heat. Two thinks I noticed. a Leak in the radiator and the heater hoses are not hot one is warm and one not so much. Seems like a clogged heater core or a heater control valve. Not sure where the valve is located .... The blower is working however I don't get hot air blowing out the vents......The defrost seems to be working just fine... So I will be ordering parts today from Rock Auto filters, belt, tensioner, and radiator ..... Any advise on parts? I was looking at the water pump and the Distributor cap....?? OK ............Whos idea was it?