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    First off Longest title ever😁 Have someone remove the gas cap and listen as you turn the key on. Pump should prime for 3 seconds. It was very common in this era for the fuel pump plug to burn atop the fuel pump unit. Fails unexpectedly when you least expect it. Not sure if yours has a access under the back seat for it. Post results first and We can go farther with diag Welcome to CaddyInfo
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    Check the basic stuff first , fuel pressure There is a ground under the air filter housing on the drivers frame rail . It was there in 1998 and early 1999. It’s held in by a 10mm bolt .. the bolt is rusted on the bottom side and will break . I relocate it the ground on the bottom stud of the expansion tank . This will cause issues with phantom no starts or stall.
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    Bruce Nunnally

    XT-V engines?

    After some thought, I am going on record and predict that the CT4-V 320 hp 2.7L inline 4 is the V-engine for the XT4-V, (up from 243 hp in XT4), and the CT5-V 355 hp 3L Turbo Six is the V-engine for the XT5-V, (up from 310 hp 3.6L V6 in XT5). You heard it here first.
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    I was thinking the same thing as @barczy01 that is why I said check fuel pressure and listen at the filler to see if you hear it cycle. Thats easy stuff. THEN, if you don't find pressure, then check fuses, relays. Look into barczy01's ground issues thats great info. Here are 2 photos out of your owners manual showing the pump fuse and relay location, the fuse panel is under the seat
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    B2375 is related to the seat. That is the only code? Check fuel pressure, key on. Have someone sit in car and turn on key while you listen at the fuel fill. It will run about 5 seconds. Don't confuse the fuel pump with the level compressor for the rear suspension. If you dont hear the fuel pump remove and reinstall the fuel pump fuse and relay to reset them. In case they have a corrosion build up of green or white clean them off with electrical contact cleaner. It is very unusual for a crank no start in a situation like this.