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    Climate Control no display

    Got a new climate control today at a local yard for $35 bucks. Guy sez its tested so I will install it tomorrow. BAR: Hope its not a BCM I think its just the display as it fizzled out on the way home yet all the functions work. Main worry is the weak heat output. Since all 3 hoses are boiling hot at the 3 way "T" I figure the core is not plugged. Gotta take out the glovebox and check the accuator operation and prob. pull the cover over the heater core to to see if its evenly hot across the face. I see other posts of the heater core being plugged in these cars but the hot in and out heater hoses make me think its a bad accuator. But Im lucky this core can be removed easily from behind the glove box ! My Buick core is the same way as I had to replace that one last year. Cold weather like this makes me love my heated garage!