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    Same stuff. Glad to hear you are good now. I hope it will be a learning experience for the dealer. We have to learn by experience and not knowing enough about certain engines can make troubleshooting more like parts changing. Best of luck to you with it. Drive it hard and enjoy it.
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    Window up/down issues

    lol you sound like me
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    Window up/down issues

    I had a similar issue in my 01 Seville. When I bought it, the passengers side window would go down, but not up. I popped the switch out and dismantled it (it's just snapped together). I found a crack in the pcb (printed circuit board) running across one of the printed circuits. I sanded the spot down and put a drop of solder on the copper circuit. It still works years later. When the driver window button started acting up, I bought the whole cover with switches off ebay. I did have to swap switch covers and the switches into my unit as the ones off ebay didn't match interior color. I had a light go out in my volume button on the steering wheel, so I un-soldered one from my old window switch and replaced it. Bonus!