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    Thanks. The PROTHANE Polyurethane Universal 18mm Sway Bar Bushing Insert Kit with "A" Brackets are part number 19-1117 and come in Red or Black. I paid $23.95 on EBay (free shipping, No sales tax, No handling fees) and they arrived in the mail 5 days early. These are the best ones to get for anyone who wants to attempt this modification because the sway bar itself is tapered where the bushing fits from 18mm to 20mm in an uneven taper. The stock bushings have an even taper and crush down to the contour of the bar. These polyurethane bushings are very hard and the "A" bracket is much smaller than the stock unit. There is no way to fit them on the bar as is because they simply don't distort as needed. So, the hole must be modified. And these particular bushings have the hole in center mass. Therefore, I was able to take them to an Automotive Machine Shop and they were able to put them on a lathe to turn them and cut in the matching taper. This cost $30, but was well worth it because now the bushings fit the bar like a glove. ( be sure to take the A frames as they hold the bushings shape while milling the hole. ) These bushings are as wide as will fit, gripping the bar from the inner lip of the mounting surface all the way out to where the bar turns. It rubs slightly, but does not bind. I will have to drill mounting holes and buy grade 8 bolts to anchor the A frames to the car frame. The molded color is so close to the Gloss Banner Red of the bar that it looks like I painted both of them from the same can. There will be no deflection of this rear bar and that will be so much of an improvement over the factory bushings that it will be like upsizing the bar yet again. I will have pictures soon. I am very excited and happy about how this turned out.