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    starting problems, 1997 deville

    OK, so back again! It's Thu, and I have installed the new FPR, I wish all jobs were this easy! So the end result is that, yes, the new FPR did solve the problem, the car starts right up, and even seems to have a better response while driving. So, my problem is apparently solved, and I want to thank all you guys again. I'm still trying to get a 12 disc CD changer for my '99 Deville, and will keep posted (and posting) on this site, I think it's great! Good luck to all others out there!
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    I emailed Gmpartsdirect and the part number for the export license bracket was very close to the US bracket. 25729325. It cost only $13.16 but $15.27 for UPS ground shipping. They said it comes with the screws to attach it to the bumper. I suppose I should invest in some wheel locks as wheels seem to be a hot commodity in Europe. I once saw a Range Rover on cinder blocks in a nice neighborhood in broad daylight in London after the wheels had been stolen. I won't likely drive to London but I'll maybe drive to England once in a while. And I definitely plan to drive it to Germany sometime and test it out on the autobahn! It won't get much for high speed workouts in Ireland. Anyway, after it has the more European look, I'll post some photos.