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    Cadillac Eldorado - A Look Back

    The author of that article is full of crap when he sais the V8-6-4 engines had a tendency to explode after extended running in V4 mode... No V8-6-4 ever exploded - it would have made front page news if it did. What all these "armchair quarterback" authors do not realize is the government regulations strangled the automakers - they had no choice but to comply with engines that were detuned in order to meet the government requirements.
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    5 mo with the ELR

    As someone interested in electric vehicles and Cadillacs in particular, I've followed the ELR's progress and owner comments closely since it arrived. The owner comment link in the above-mentioned post left me shaking my head in disbelief when I saw it was from Blastphemy. He's well known in the ELR community, but for the wrong reasons, unfortunately. The article ends with him liking the car after five months. What a difference nearly two years can make . . . Blasphemy never bought an ELR, he rented (leased) one. As an early adopter, he got soaked on the deal. Like the XLR, the ELR was not worth the original price, and dismal sales prove it. There wasn't even a 2015 model - there were so many left on dealer's lots at the end of the first year that production stopped. A few changes were made (mods carried over from the similar Volt drivetrain) and a 2016 model will happen, though production will be curtailed. There are still new 2014's available! I've spoken with salesman at several dealerships and asked if they would be ordering any, and they all said "No!" Anyway, Blastphemy bad-mouthed the vehicle over what other ELR owners dismissed as minor flaws, eventually igniting some serious California wildfire-sized flame wars. His incessant whining online and to GM rated high enough on the their Customer Satisfaction meter that he received a complete refund and release from his lease by Cadillac, essentially enjoying a sixteen-month free ride. (I didn't even know that was possible.) Subsequently, he ended up in a Ford Fusion, but still trolls the other ELR owners in their forums, rather than moving on and enjoying his new ride. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but he lost a lot of credibility and respect through his actions in the manner that he voiced them. The only thing that makes the story worse were the other owners replies, which served to make a bad situation worse, and didn't do any favors for the forum. The ELR is a gorgeous vehicle to me. The rear seating room (like the Volt) is kind of grim though. The high centerline hump from the battery makes it look even smaller. The technology is decent, but the price (which eventually came down) and lack of a few features, (a HUD for one) made me keep looking. The 2016 model will cost about $10k less before other incentives are factored in. It will be a little faster, which has been a common complaint. I've driven a friend's Tesla, and really liked it (especially the acceleration) but a fully-appointed model is quite expensive, and it lacks an onboard generator like the ELR. Nice car, but very different, so comparisons are an apples-to-oranges thing. The bottom line: There's no such thing as a perfect car. Eventually, we all discover things that could be improved in each vehicle we buy. The trick is to know as much as possible about a vehicle before buying, then thoroughly road (and stationary) testing it before signing a deal. This seems like common sense to most people, but there are many who regret a purchase soon after the novelty wears off. Any satisfied ELR owners out there? CC
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    Cadillac Jim

    Help with mirror upgrade

    I had a little more time tonight and located the schematics for the turn signal and hazard warning signals. The turn signals in the 2002 Deville are simple switches that send signals to a computer, the turn/hazard flasher module, which also takes a signal from the DIM when the hazard switch is turned. All timing and logic is done in the turn/hazard flasher module, as well as switching the power to the front turn signal lines. Power is from the 10 Amp IGN 1 and 15 Amp TSIG/HAZ fuses in the rear fuse block. Rear turn signal lines are in another schematic, for the right and left tail lamps, and they are driven by YEL and DK GRN lines from the turn/hazard flasher module. What that tells me is that when you press the hazard warning switch, all four turn signals flash in unison, and if you have extra turn signal lights on the outside rear-view mirrors, they flash too. But the front LT BLU/DK BLU wires don't turn on with the brakes but the rear YEL/GRN/DK GRN wires *do* turn on with the brakes. One connector that the LT BLU/DK BLU wires go through is C201, which is located "Instrument panel harness to the body harness, under the right side of the dash pad near the windshield." This is a 20-cavity connector, and the LT BLU/DK BLU wires are in D5 and D6, respectively. Another pairs connector that carries the LT BLU/DK BLU wires is C102 and C103, 7 cavities each, which are located "Forward lamp harness to the body harness, right front corner of the engine compartment near the underhood fuse block" and "Forward lamp harness to the body harness, left front corner of the engine compartment near the left side of the radiator" respectively. The LT BLU/DK BLU wires are in cavities A. I suspect that using C201, under the dash, is easier than using C102 and C103, which are on the left and right of the car but are just forward of the firewall under the hood. Whichever is more convenient to the feed-through to the doors is going to be the best for getting to the outside rearview mirrors. If you need pictures, I can download drawings of the harness at these points and also a diagram of the connector cavities, but you should be able to go by the wire color. If the harness is taped so that you can't verify the wire colors by looking, let me know and I'll download the drawings.