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    • Porsche Piwis 3 V41.100.017, latest version update 1. Piwis 3 (you need Porsche PT3G VCI to connect to the car) Piwis 3 update successfully; 3. Porsche Piwis Engineer mode E; 4. WIFI connect 5. Porsche PPN import Certificate 6.Wiring diagrams 7.Fault finding; 8. Selection car type; 9.Coding programming (development)  
    • 1957 Cadillac Coupe Devile On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/295113623889?
    • Back in the late 60s Chevy had all kinds of problems with motor mounts. Same symptom with the added thrill of pulling the shifter out of gear.  Used to be able to see it by looking under the hood through the gap when it is open.  Put it in gear, hold the brake and give it a little gas.  If the engine does more than rock a little you probably have a mount problem.  With the old Chevys, it was usually the driver's side mount, and the engine would lift 2 or 3 inches with just a little gas.  If you don't see it readily try reverse, same thing.  Not sure how that transverse mounted engine should behave but it seems the rules would be the same.  You could also have someone stand to the side and observer the engine while you try the test but what fun is that?
    • I get a thud underneath the front on my 2004 Cadillac DeVille when I let off the gas and then accelerate again. It feels like a mount is loose maybe. It rides and steers just fine. Any ideas on what to check? Thanks!
    • Where is the wire harness that goes to the case for the radio in the ETC? Good to know so I don't have to tear the whole car out to run new cables.
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    • travisjakob

      The Fix-It List
      This is mostly for my own memory. Help is always appreciated but never expected. 

      To begin, we have already got some new tires, and I learned at that shop that my rear tire cambers -3 degrees, and the front is bent in a bit. But before I get an alignment, I need new struts all around. *smurf* is getting expensive.
      Put in Marvel's Mystery Oil to quiet a lifter tick, and so far, it's not doing that much; need to drive more miles with it. ATF was thrown in too so I can save my Marvel's Mystery Oil. 
      Next week I need to go and get a tune up; basically, need fuel filter and spark set/distributor. 
      I am missing some underhood relays from the car. Can't tell what they are supposed to be, but I can bet its all three cooling fan relays.
      Current Issues (prioritized):
      Lifter noise from the engine Exhaust smelly, and excessive (diagnosed; tune up will fix it) Wheels unaligned, cambering, and could cause tire damage Leaks: puddle on the valve train. Obvious gasket issue. Leak in the back end of engine, but isn't worth the lift oil had never touched the ground, so this isn't too too bad. The oil near the valvetrain is sus though Electrical: Climate Control only turns on sometimes. Looking at wires soon but it could be the panel or BCM.  Cruise Control is obsolete. Not switching whatsoever. Fuse, wire, or connector issue? Switch? ABS brake lock and traction will flicker on and off sometimes. Wire issue for sure. A/C service light on; may indicate lack of refrigerant or that the relays are out. Radio disconnected; previous owner wanted to get subs. Little did they know these cars are 50% wire.   
      Here is what parts Eve, my little devil, needs:
      TUNE UP: Fuel filter, distributor cap + rotor, spark plugs + wires. quoted at about $400 Struts all around and alignment. maybe $500? got a rough joint too Valve gasket $20 Lifter (?) Still gotta figure out if Marvel's or ATF can clean it up more, BCM? Still looking into this one, but I'm hearing every 90s Deville owner should keep a spare.  Radio wire connector wires need to be connected again and we need to investigate more  That is my comprehensive list for my ADD brain. All this figured out in one week. Bought the car ten days ago and she's made me give nothing but attention to her. Hope it's all worth it! 
      · 0 replies
    • Dave42  »  Jan Olsson

      Hey Jan
      I have a friend in his 80s with a 81 Eldorado Barritz his mechanic swapped out the computer loosing the memcal chips any chance you might know where I can help him find either the memcals or a salvage computer?
      · 2 replies
    • ChrisNederland  »  BodybyFisher

      Hello, do you still have these shocks for Sevilla?
      · 4 replies
    • rockfangd

      Merry Christmas Everyone.
      Thank you to all of our loyal members
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    • monoloco38  »  BodybyFisher

      Good morning Mike. I've been searching in the forum about rich cold start. I have a 1993 Cadillac deville 4.9 v8. I've done maintenance. full tune up. Plugs, wires, cap and rotor. New EGR, and new PCV valve. Throttle body cleaned and air intakes (those were bad) checked the timing yesterday (at 24 degrees) don't know why but I'll bring it down. Cold start rough... too much fuel. Runs perfect after warm. Any suggestions about the rich cold start? Any info it would be much appreciated. thank you. 
      · 4 replies
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