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  2. I am trying to locate fuse that Powers 2016 Cadillac Escalade onstar
  3. Don't know how or what is going on with the oil. This is the latest version of the bulletin I see when doing a quick search on Google....11340C.
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  5. Each car I have seen so far has a disable button but I predict that if one leaves it enabled one will gain trust in start/stop dependability.
  6. Thanks, Bruce. From 2016, the engine turns off at idle. Do you know if this can be disabled? Next time I rob a bank, I want to keep the motor running!
  7. morning ,i have my 2008 sts 3.6 at the local gm dealer,after purchasing the car from the original owner ,i noticed the car would not start, found timing chain codes,the dealer said they would replace the timing componets and also the cyl head ,then they called and said gm would not ok because of metal in the engine. they wanted to charge me 11 hours to tear the engine down to inspect ,i told them not to do this repair,they stated lack of maintaince was the issue the vehicle has 79,307 on it and it has 3 months before the SPECIAL WARRANTY IS GONE any help out there thank you
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  9. I agree it is curious that auto mfrs all say all electric is the future when no one but Tesla can entice more than a few people to buy electric. I wonder if the key is high performance electric vehicles.
  10. 400 plus mile range would raise the bar (by a big leap) but that is going to mean a bigger battery (as I don't see any new technologies out there that would extend the present chemistry). And if you take away Tesla, the actual number of electric-only sales are declining, so even though GM must move forward to meet the futures electric needs, they (electric demand) isn't exactly forthcoming. I'm also predicting that Tesla has 'shot most of its load' and they may also be in trouble again soon. The new Y model is just a CUV Model 3 and I think that the Tesla backorders are close to being caught up and new orders are beginning to wain. Unless legislated, like China, I don't see the electric market to take any leaps soon. Just some miscellaneous ramblings.
  11. I have not heard anything about a Bolt-Size Cadillac (102" wheelbase). I think the next Cadillac BEV/Hybrid will be a Midsize Crossover. Possible that this Chevrolet will produce the platform that that Cadillac comes from but unclear. I like the bolt in terms of performance and specs but it is a very small commuter with a 238 mile range. Hopefully the new platform will bring a 400+ mile range.
  12. So I'm wondering how does this coincide with GM's announcement that Cadillac was supposed to lead the way in the future of GM's EV program? Do you think that Cadillac will be involved in this? I read the article and Cadillac was just mentioned is passing and the new vehicle with have Bolt technology (maybe just a new body style on-frame)???
  13. Keep an eye out for Direct on Ebay
  14. Anyone know a good place I could find some used rims for My Escalade? 22” rim 7 spoke. The chrome on the wheels are starting to flake off. Somebody said to have them powder coated but not sure what that would look like. Any ideas?
  15. General Motors is investing $300 million in its Orion Township, Michigan, assembly plant to produce a new Chevrolet electric vehicle that will bring 400 new jobs to the Orion plant. Today’s announcement is part of GM’s new commitment to invest a total of $1.8 billion in its United States manufacturing operations, creating 700 new jobs and supporting 28,000 jobs across six states. View the full article
  16. Unfortunately an upgrade misfired this morning and the forum is down. Tech support has been notified and hopefully can sort it out quickly. Thank you for your patience. View the full article
  17. We have a 2L TT ATS Premium Sedan and the ATS-V Coupe. I think either engine is a good match for the ATS. I like our 2L Turbo ATS Sedan. The 2L Turbo Four is a fun engine; I would avoid the base 2.5L normally aspirated 4. The 2L Turbo has some aftermarket tuning options. The 3.6L has been fine; some reports of eating timing chains but hopefully that was sorted out under warranty. It has more peak hp than the 4, but similar if inferior torque curve up to around 5K rpm. There are some year to year differences -- for example the LFX 3.6L from 13-15 is somewhat different than the LGX 3.6L from 16 on. Likewise the 2L got a better tune in 2015 and more torque from 2016 to present than prior albeit in a more narrow range. Year(s) Model Power Torque Dyno Chart 2013–2014 Cadillac ATS 272 hp (203 kW) @ 5500 rpm 260 ft⋅lb (353 N⋅m) @ 1700–5500 rpm link 2015–present 295 ft⋅lb (400 N⋅m) @ 3000–4600 rpm 013–2015 Cadillac ATS 321 hp (239 kW) @ 6800 rpm 274 lb⋅ft (371 N⋅m) @ 4800 rpm
  18. My 2002 ETC red Collectors' head gasket broke, so I'm selling it if anyone's interested. Other than the motor, its appearance is intact and beautiful, and there's only a couple of mechanical/suspension soft spots. 98k miles. And, I'm going to get an ATS Coupe. Is the V6 a great deal better than the 4? Seems like the premium V6's that I see, 2015-2016, have All Wheel Drive. I'm in California, so I rather prefer real wheel drive. Was this an oft-ordered option, or what? Is there anything special I should be looking for with this car? THANKS
  19. Syracuse is famous for that lake affect. Didnt the syracuse univ dome collapse from snow? I appraised the Dewitt Mall and they spoke about 90 to 100 inches of snow each winter if I recall. Have you been to Carousel?
  20. Still in Largo as see they are gettin again in the"lake effect snow belt". I have all the a/c service stuff at home so will charge it when i get back. On the lookout for a rust free GM pickup 4x4 but they are far and few here in rebel/tourist land.
  21. Nice glad the trip went well. Being in NY myself that hurts haha... my son is in boca, maybe Ill drop in on him 😉
  22. The sheetmetal stays the same.....but the exterior and interior colors often change yearly. Interior parts typically fall off the 'available' dealer parts pretty quick....a couple of years after production.....simply not enough warehouse space to store 3000 spare 2001 Eldo left slate A pillar trim panels. The aftermarket headliner colors are pretty generic.....maybe a couple of grays....a couple of They will never match exactly unless you redo both A pillars and the headliner....and B and C pillars at the same time too. In other will never find a sheet of '154' slate. Some headliner material does have thinner foam backing's hard to find but it is out there. Best bet is to wait and just keep searching for the right parts car.
  23. When I got my 02 Eldo it had a few burns on the drivers A pillar...I tried some SEM color coat but,it doesn't match...On the RPO sticker it has 154 which I've seen labeled med. slate gray.I've also seen it called shale..I tried shale.No go.Too brown..I decided to just buy a yard of headliner fabric and recover it..I can't find med slate gray fabric..Anyone know where to get it?
  24. I just put anther trip from ny to fla in my 93 deville. it was loaded with grannys knicknacks too! Drove fine and the rear air suspension kept the back end level with the heavy load! the a/c needs a charge for this fla. heat! I got 25 mpg on the ride dowwn 95. Heat suree feels good instead of the NY cold n snow!
  25. Well I spoke to André and while I thought he intended to sell these I was unfortunately mistaken. This is a very cool cadillac memento that I plan to display prominently in my man cave.
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