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rear insulator bushings

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Hi all.

Just curious if anyone else has changed these. 

Part numbers are

3538757 upper insulator (available through GM (for now)

25678603 lower insulator (discontinued by GM)

they are present on the 

92-02 eldo

94-99 Deville

92-97 Seville

I have changed 3 sets of them on all of mine and have 1 more set to do on my 97 Seville.

These are sandwiched between the body and suspension in the rear, and there is one bolt that holds it together with the smaller part at the bottom.

Note the picture at the bottom left. The plate rots out and that part of the bushing falls out. 

They are not too awful to change, the harder side being the driver side because the fuel filler tube is in the way. 

the back end has to be picked up to let the suspension hang. Once both bolts are removed the suspension will pivot at the front. I coat the body and the suspension while I am right there.

I am changing my 1997 Seville ones because I am putting a new compressor in and although not rotted I may as well change them.

isolator 2.jpg


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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