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So I was looking for pictures and all that and found the distributor of this tool and figured what the heck, it's a crazy expensive tool, let them explaint it to me. We worked out the values for the top pictures only and I kid you not, that took 30 minutes after i emailed them the pictures hahahaha

we came tot he conclusion:

top reads 93.040mm
bottom reads 92.925mm

which brings taper to 0.115mm

to reverse engine this value we concluded that from the top ring of the tool, each click (big-to-small stripe) is 0.005mm, We 14.5 stripes to get to 0 and we did 8 stripes to get to 4, a total of 22.5 stripes x 0.005mm = 0.1125mm and that's a match!

unfortunately 0.1mm tolerance and 0.1125 are NOT within specs..

the other cylinder is only 4.5 stripes difference, x0.005 = 0.0225mm taper and that's WELL within specs and indeed not as far as bad as the other one..

LONG time ago i made this little movie with the head-movement:

If you would find these measures and look at the movie, what would your suggestion be about the underside of the block?

The feeling creeps up at me that i'm in need of a new block.. how's your thoughts on that? I think I cant do just the 'bad' cylinder(s) (didnt measure all 8 but i'm assuming things wont look brighter after) and didn do the other measures, but i'd say it's very likely this block is just past it's lifespan.. and I'm thinking they already replaced the engine with a far worse one than the original 275.000km block that is supposed to be in there.. looking at the contamination on the valves we're thinking the block has ran either double the amount of km's, or or perhaps even AND on propane which would make sense in our part of the world...

Feeling a bit sad, I ask: what's your thoughts on this?

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