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Bonnet Hinge Pins -- don't leave home without one

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Raised the hood (bonnet) to ensure the carb choke was still getting power and discovered one of the hinge pins had walked out of the hinge and gotten itself lost.

Headed to Lowe's miscellaneous hardware section to find a suitable pin -- in this case a 5/32x1.5" rolled metal rod.


Took a photo on the way back unfortunately in the still early morning light and only had the iphone with me.


The goal was to show how the Duke SS100 looks in a parking lot around regular cars, but the picture is dim and the regular cars were scarce based on my parking selection.


This photo is a zoom in and brighter version of the first photo. The Duke SS100 is quite large for a Roadster, but all the room is taken but leading bumper, and long engine compartment.


2016 Cadillac ATS-V gray/black; 2013 Cadillac ATS 2L Turbo Premium (Wife's)

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That's not good.I had to pound mine out. Then I made pins that slide in with pins to hold them in place.Much easier to remove the hood for maintenance.Jag008.jpg


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