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I started to reassemble the rear calipers on an 83 Seville and noticed that the piston seals were a little too big. I thought the kit may have been defective, but I compared them to the ones I removed and they were the same size. Has anybody run into this before? On every caliper I've rebuilt in the past the seals fit the pistons exactly with no slop.

I was able to insert the seal into the groove with a little more difficulty than usual. The piston can also be inserted into the bore but it seems too tight. I'm concerned the piston won't retract enough from the rotor to float as its supposed to.



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You are referring to the o-ring and not the dust boot right? If so, as long as the o-ring is the same size as the one you removed and the piston goes into the bore, you should be fine. The rotor doesn't float - the caliper is what floats. When pressure is applied, the caliper will move slightly as to center itself.

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