What is the best product to use on white walls??

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My vouge are bright white and very easy to clean. I use SHOUT spray for about $5.00 in the laundry Isle at the supermarket. I also bought vouge tyre cleaner off of Amazon 2 for $35.00. Which is very expensive so I spray the shout first than a quick spray with the vouge cleaner and i hit them with a s.o.s pad very LIGHT scrub just loosen the dirt up and rinse with water. Hardly any scrubbing at all, the shout works! Try it out. 


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The quickest way to clean your white walls is Bleache White and an SOS pad. Be careful with the Bleache White though, one gust of wind, and that stuff is terrible to breathe in. I find that the SOS pads work well with even soapy water, plus as someone said above, the BW can make your rims spotty, creating something else for you to clean. 

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