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  1. Alignment: CASTER: I decided to go with the maximum amount of positive caster possible. CAMBER: I decided that one degree negative on all four wheels was the best starting point for testing and may be the best compromise on handling VS. tire wear. Toe: with these custom settings, I would take the recommendation of the alignmen specialist who has 25 years of experience and has aligned race cars. Knowing that I was going to have to drive 50 miles from the engine shop to the alignment shop, I spent many hours with a tape measure and a level to get the initial eyeball alignment as close as possible. As you can see from the picture, the front and rear toe was the only thing that the specialist recommended changing. He was impressed with my backyard alignment. 😃
  2. The dual catalytic converters were installed today. I used one spark plug anti-fouler as a backspacing socket for the rear oxygen sensor to pull the stem out of the exhaust gas flow. That will reduce turbulence as well as reduce the chances that the high flow cats will cause a trouble code.
  3. Here is a before and after look at the exhaust system so far. I will be getting the dual cats and H-pipe installed shortly.
  4. This low point in the exhaust was my preference to make more room between the pipes and gas tank.
  5. The myth that you cannot put duals under a last generation Eldorado has officially been debunked!
  6. I had to leave my car with Pete and go to work. This had been an 8 hour installation so far. This picture was taken the next morning at the alignment shop.
  7. I provided my own mufflers, red polyurethane hangers, and angle cut resonator tips, but Discount Muffler also has a selection in stock.
  8. The left section of 3" pipe was created as one piece from the up-size point to where it would connect with the muffler. Note: my goal is to open up enough space between the mufflers that I can build an under-trunk battery relocation box to help with the front-to-rear weight ratio. I also wamt the mufflers visible under the bumper like they are in late Mustangs. We had to mount them at a slight angle, however, because of the plastic charcoal canister behind the left rear wheel well.
  9. Then the left pipe was also bent as one piece and placed. Care was taken to keep the pipe away from the plastic gas tank.
  10. After the necessary clearance was made with a hammer and reciprocating saw, Pete bent and placed the right pipe as one piece from the flex pipe all the way to the up-size point where the system will continue with 3" pipe for the purpose of creating a deeper bass note.
  11. Normally, this would be the point during installation where you would place the dual cats and the ballance tube in whatever location best fits the available space. The final location of the cats may depend if you want your ballance tube to be an X-pipe or H- pipe configuration. NOTE: Use an X-pipe if you want a higher pitched exotic sounding exhaust note with the benifit of the horsepower gains in the upper RPM range.. Use an H-pipe if you prefer a deeper tone with more of an American hotrod sound and want to place the power gains at the lower RPM range. I was not expecting to do the whole exhaust system on this visit, so I had not yet ordered the dual cat setup I had been watching on Ebay for the past 3 years. Discount Muffler does have high flow cats, but no body can beat the price that I could get a set for. So, to make sure there were no surprises when I made a second visit with cats in hand, Pete used two 4" diameter pipes to test fit where my cats would be placed. He also wanted to do the H-pipe at the time of the cats installation.