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  1. Review of 2008 CTS

    No, no creative writing......unless you want to count my second place finish in the Town Wide essay contest in 1950. The town wass Mt Holly NJ and I went to Sacred Heart School there. The essay was "Safety in the Home, School and Street" and was sponsored by the American Legion. I wuz dynomite, I tell you, dynomite! I spent my life as an electronicer, first in Test Equipment, and then in Computers. The big stuff, not PCs. All sides of the house, Hardware, Software, Instructor, Management. The car continues to impress. Still doesn't have many miles (1200), but enough to where it is broke in and I can shower down on it at will. I understand the engine will loosen further, but right now I am getting about 17MPG in the suburbs and 23MPG on the interstate at <>75 MPH. It has had one problem....... Came out one morning last week, and I couldn't get into it. The Keyless entry didn't work. Had to open the Fob and retrieve the key. Devil of a time opening the Fob. Had to use Pliars. Good enough design, bad execution. Once I goit in the problem was obvious. Absolutely no primary power. None. Popped the hood. Put a battery charger on it and it maxed the charger (<>12 amps) and after 1 hour I still didn't have even interior lights. Apparently the battery was shorted. Called the dealer. I assumed they would come get it with a flat bed, but the lady at the dealership said they have "traditionally" had some problems with batteries (I don't like the sound of that) so she dispatched the Road Assistance Esacalade (not bad wheels for a service vehicle!). The guy that came out had been with the dealer for 37 years! Anyway, he used the key, opened the door, popped the hood, hooked up a massive hot shot, that allowed him to open the trunk (no key slot - Bad design) and replaced the battery. No problems since then. I do love this car.
  2. Review of 2008 CTS

    Well, I wasn't even in the market. Our main driver, a 2003 Nissan Murano only had 51,000 miles on it and was in fine shape. My little "toy", a 1998 BMW 2,8L Z3 took up the other slot in our garage and was safe from trade as I loved it. But I keep up on the basics of what is going on in the automotive world. And I keep pulling for GM and Ford to make it. GM finally understands, it's the product, stupid. And then I started seeing the first pix and the reviews of the new 2008 CTS........... That changed everything. The testing at the ring in Germany was the one that pushed me over the edge. I had to go see that car, even if I wasn't going to buy one. So off I went to Val Ward in Ft Myers. "I would like to see a 3.6DI with FE2" I told the sales guy. "So would I" he responded....... This wasn't going well........ Anyway, I test drove what he had..... a FE1 3.6 VVT without anything else on it and it was a fine motor car. and it was gorgeous. and it had me hooked. And my wife wanted to know....what the hell was going on? Well, I had to confess to her, that owning a brand new Cadillac car had been a dream of mine my whole life. And I am 70. It had been a very long held dream,. For most of my life, I couldn't afford a Cadillac. For the last few years, I wasn't motivated by what cadillac had. And now, this. The FE1, 260HP CTS was magnificent....but there were "better" ones.... But you had to order them.... And besides I didn't have any place to keep wife was adamant. The Murano had somehow became "hers: in these conversations and she wasn't going to trade it in. She loved it. Now I was looking at the BMW......I wonder............NAH! The BMW had been a great find and it is one of the best cars I have ever owned. IT could do 140 and get there quick and never rattle or squeak and gets 30MPG at 70 MPH. Nothing is better than top down motoring! It is a great car. Was. Was a great car. There was no other choice. It all happened on or about Nov 29, 2007. Val Ward got an unsold 3.6 Direct Injection FE2 car in. It didnt have a lot of the things I wanted..HIDs, HDD, Sunroof, Etc..... But it was what it was and i drove it. It isn't the greatest off the line machine known to man. I have owned several cars in the past that would beat it off the line. But it gathers itself quickly, and by 4000RPM is rolling pretty good. The exhaust has changed from a luxury car to an absolute screaming performance car. (Some say it is the same exhaust system as the vette?) Not nearly as fast as say a BMW 335.........but close to a G35.......and just as fast as an ES 350..........all cars that I drove while trying to talk myself OUT of a CTS........ But it runs well. Very well. and keeps running well on up to numbers that I won't ever explore. And it stops. Very solid brakes. Easily modulated. And it turns. It's good to get back to RWD again. I didn't explore it's limits, but at long last I have a car again that doesn't plough when you hustle it along. It is in fact a Sports Sedan. A very good sports sedan. A world class sports sedan. And it is much more sporty than most luxury sedans at this price point....or a good bit above........ And it is more luxurious than most sport sedans.......... What a great balance of attributes. The new design is a raging success IMO. Art and Science Cadillac calls it. Good call. Just my opinion, but the exterior is far more classy and far more sporty than any of the competition. The new interior is far, far better than the three mentioned above. There is absolutely nothing that I have seen on the market that can compete with the interior of this car. It just continues to get deserved rave reviews. It has a ton of technology. Direct Injection. Steerable Headlights. HDD. XM and Fm and AM and iPod. Rewind radio.......rain sensing wipers that not only start when the windshield gets wet, but starts in the interval mode and then adjusts the interval according to the rain rate....... I finally broke that day............ I ordered a Radiant Bronze (I never buy "common") 3.6 DI FE2 2008 CTS with every possible option except AWD. I came home and put my beloved BMW up for sale. It sold in less than a week to the first guy that looked at it. I'm gonna miss that car. I know there are some great cars out there. And i can't afford some of them. $100,000 for a motor car is just not going to happen. But for $43,000 (GMU) this is the most amazing car I have ever driven, much less owned. I'm sorry, but there is no Infiniti. No BMW. No Lexus that can touch it for the money... Yes my life long dream has been realized. It really DOES make you feel good to drive a Cadillac .... especially if it is back to being the Standard of the World.
  3. Review of 2008 SRX (300 miles)

    IF they had upgraded the SRX as they did the CTS, I would have bought one. That was the plan. When I heard (and saw pix) of the 2008 CTS, I knew the SRX was just a CUV of the CTS, so........ For me, the showstoper was the looks. Just doesn't appeal to me. I already knew that it rode good etc because a neighbor lady bought a used 2006. I drove it down to the dealer for her a couple of months ago. I was looking forward to the restyling. But it didn't happen. Will it happen? I think so, but maybe 2010...... If it had had the 304HP and the FE2 and a bit better styling.......... So, I bot the CTS. But the SRX is still a decent machine as your review underlines.
  4. Hi Guys

    I found the FE3 to be a good suspension. It was not just a "throw an impossibly hard set of shocks on it and let it go.......". It actually had compliance. Not as much compliance as the FE2,but compliance none the less. One could live with the FE3 IMO. However,having said that, I am from Florida and we have good roads. If I was in NJ????? The one thing that made up my mind was testing the FE3 (and the 1&2) on a concrete highway with expansion strips. The FE1, although bobbing around a bit, was OK, the +FE2 was the best, you basically heard them but didn't feel them very much and there was just one small "pitch" at each one, and the FE3 road very hard over the strips. But then again, I am just an average every day street driver. I'm sure that if a car mag tests the 2 vs the 3, they will take the cars to the track and announce that the Fe3 is the best and almost as good as a BMW..........
  5. New member here. Picked up my 2008 CTS on January 10. I ordered it on Nov 29th. I had shopped the usual suspects I suppose. Infiniti G35, BMW3 series, Mercedes C300/350 and the Lexus ES 350. The CTS was the one after the first drive. Then it was a bunch of comparo drives with FE1.......VVT engine......FE3......etc that was greatly hampered by dealer shortages of product. But after several test drives I decided that while all three suspensions and both engines had desireablity, an FE2 with the dI engine and Auto was perfect for me. I picked Radiant Bronze because the dealer had one and I liked the color. I tend toward the uncommon. Unfortunately the dealer did not have anything that was loaded and i wanted everything except AWD. I will be reading the posts of the last few months to familiarize myself with the forum. I take it there is no special forum for gen 2 CTS owners..... Hope to learn a lot here. Southern