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  1. Another thing is if that car is at a GM dealer just have them run a VIS report from their GM computers. This will list any and all warranty repairs, maint. services, or any complaint by the prev. owner to a GM dealer. Also most dealers will run you a FREE Carfax or Autocheck report (depending on which they use).
  2. Used DTS Left Tailight. $150 shipped to Cont. US and Poss. Canada This light is off my 2011 DTS that got clobbered in the LR quarter. Why the insurance company paid for a new $433 replacement to this unbroken or undamaged piece I don't have a clue................. Fits 06 to 2011 DTS Gm pn#15858151
  3. Not to mention some insurance companies won't insure it!
  4. WOW............. Spent $80k to restore it ands its estimated worth is $60k ! Poor investment..................
  5. Go for it! I Got a 2011 DTS Platnum with all the toys! It was a GM PEP car $58k msrp. It had 2,500 miles I paid $29,xxx. I got that deal because I am a GM employee/family. Delivered thru Lloyd Caddy in Daytona. They even took my 07 DTS in trade. I figured this was tha last of the v-8 Caddy land boats so I was gonna have me a last one! No v-6 power for me! The only dislike is the bucket seats.................. Sorry pics to big and won't load here.
  6. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! I lived the 96 ice storm in northern NY. NO power for almost 2 months in my rural area! My neighbors never bellyached about that generator screaming 24/7.................. I guess they enjoyed my heat, lights, hot food, tv and hospitality..................... Nor did they b*tch about my other generator and compressor setup screaming all day at their houses blowing out their water lines................ I still kiss that $400 15k generator that has been used many times since!


    Thanks guys..........Sadly the car is in Daytona with sarge whilst I freeze to death and take care of business in NY so no pics yet. My local Caddy dealer has a new DTS lux 1 for $39k. They only offered me $9k trade for my 07 on a GM employee deal on a new DTS so the $15 I got suprised me. But yet again I was buying used for used and I know the dealer has a LOT of room to juggle the numbers. I looked at the new one but it was that fugly tan color and I wanted black or Crimson Pearl this time as my 07 was white.

    Well folks i feared the end of the DTS and figured my next new Caddy would of been a Escalade because I didn't wanna be stuck in a "tiny" CTS or a new xts or whatever alphabet soup name the new Caddy was gonna be! My 07 DTS had 62k troublefree miles So I went shopping for a new DTS while I was in Daytona. I must say pickins were pretty slim as far as colors as only a few tan, silver or white were left. I wanted black or crimson pearl (red). No dice! Even with my GM employee deal they were all Lux 3 with all the toys for almost $60k msrp and the GM deal was around $45k. So I checked out the used 2011s they had at Lloyd Caddy in Daytona. Lux 3s with ALL the goods $32k ! What a deal............. I got a 11 Lux3 Crimson pearl, tan guts, all the goods and only 15k miles for $32k. They gave me $15k for my 07 DTS. Yea the 2011 is a ex-rental but there wasn't a scratch on it. Sorry no pics yet as the car is in Daytona and I'm back in NY !
  10. Check Fleabay for a guy (and fellow member here) called Cardiodoc. He always has a bunch of late model Caddy chromies/center caps and other goodies for a GM car.
  11. Performance Computer Program

    Who did your PCM burn/tune? I thought there were no aftermarket PCM burn/tunes or performance parts/upgrades for the N-star because GM held all the proprietary (spl) info. from the aftermarket guys ? I would like to put a little more "juice" in my 97 !!!!!!!!!!
  12. 2000 DTS starter

    LOL! Funny.......I haven't replaced a starter in ANY of my cars in a LONG time! BUT.........The starter in my 07 Chevy truck with 41k miles took a dump last week! The local mom and pop repair shop quoted me $446 for the starter and 1 hour labor $60 ! I was shocked at the price of the starter as the local auto parts store had a NEW one for $199 bucks! But the owner/tech suggested I call GM because the starter and towing should be covered under the 5/100 new car warranty. Sure enuff' it was covered by GM !!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. My Steering ist "KAPUT"

    You could have a problem with the EVO sensor ! This would cause high steering effort at idle or low speeds. (Scroll down) My truck had this issue even tho its not a Magnasteer.
  14. I know this answer is late to the party but may help someone else out. This is a common issue on other GM truck forums. You may have one of two issues that cause this. Either a low a/c 134 charge issue or a temp blend door issue. To reset the blend/temp doors: Turn HVAC controls to OFF. Remove the 2 HVAC fuses from the underhood fuse center. Disconnect the battery for 5 minutes. Replace fuses and connect battery. Turn ignition ON...Do Not start. Listen for blend/temp door movement. If this don't help then have the AC charge checked ! Its funny the dealer don't know of this issue. There are several TSBs out there for these issues!
  15. oil level query

    My 07 GM 6.0 truck takes 6 quarts with filter. Also my 72 Pontiac 400 takes 6 with filter (as did many older Pontiac v-8s). I still find myself mentioning that my Caddy 4.6 takes 8 with filter to the oil change guys. Too many times they only put in 5 !!!!!!!!!