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  1. Write up on the V

    There is a german video that says all you need to know about the acceleration. Notice that he didn't use sport mode which means the tranny starts in second gear. It's almost not noticeable! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjU1UwldQxs
  2. Write up on the V

    They normally take it for two months but that depends if they consider it reckless driving or not or if you have strong reasons to why you need a driver’s license. I have lost the license twice. Both times for relatively slow speeding violations. Last time was twelve years ago so I guess I’ll keep my fingers crossed! The fine was about $500 for driving 75 mph at a 55 mph road…But if you are ticketed for several minor speeding violations they can take your driver’s license for longer. If you drive 50 mph or faster at posted speed 30mph or higher they can take it for eight months. But there are so few police men on the roads here that if you ever encounter one you can almost bet that they are alone. With the right circumstances, for instance if you are driving on an open stretch of highway, one could theoretically drive away from them with ease (they drive Volvos), drive of the next exit, exit the car and tell them, when they finally arrive, that someone else was driving. They have to make sure that the person they stop actually was the one behind the wheel.
  3. Write up on the V

    That was very generous! Over here they take the drivers license if you drive over about 19 mph too fast.
  4. Write up on the V

    What about driving impressions? Well let’s see. It is definitely bad for the driver’s license as expected. It is incredible fast, sticks like glue and so on. There is nothing I can say that hasn’t been mentioned in every ad or car magazine road test. BUT. I can tell you that there is no way to describe the feeling sitting behind the wheel in a V and actually experience the sales talk. Now it is dark in the morning when I drive to work and the sun sets when it’s time to drive home and there is a lot of deer and other wild life along the roads that I travel so I have to drive carefully. But even that is fun because some parts of the roads have very tight curves and I can take them at 0.6-07 gs without speeding. It is quiet, powerful at every gear, excellent heating and cooling in the seats, rain-sense wipers a must, the auto leveling lamps a real welcome bonus on twisty roads, the nav and stereo are great, magna ride excellent and so on. It has performance algorithm shifting that makes the tranny shift to a lower gear and hold it in tight curves, limited slip differential and of course Stabilitrak. The g-force meter by the way remembers the highest amount of g-force for both left and right turns and shows the value for the last corner for a couple of seconds. It seems pretty useless until you wonder if you can take that curve faster J To make sure that I can get up to speed quick in busy intersections I put in in sport mode and select “competition mode”. In that way I make sure that the Stabilitrak won’t kick in and stop me when I need to pick up speed and still have the security if I would start to spin out. It is ridiculously fun to accelerate and get some wheel-spin in second and even third gear with a little bit of fish-tailing when launching up to triple digits. Not too often though but at least once a day It is very forgiving and easy to drive but it is easy to spin the rear tires on wet roads if you are not careful. But Stabilitrak gives feedback and cuts out just before it gets a little too exciting. It is just as Cadillac says, it makes you feel like a very good driver. If one would try to floor it on a big empty road with good vision just to see what it can do (not me, not me, not me) one would be amazed about the way it accelerates endlessly. 0, 60, 100, 150 is reached completely effortless. The top speed for the auto is 305 km/h on the speedometer which equals about 290 km/h on the GPS (180 mph) and it feels completely stable and silent at those speeds. It still pulls at that speed… Use the Brembo brakes and you can brake hard down to 60 mph (you actually will be pushed hard against the seat belts and the steering wheel). It is actually harder to use the brakes when they are cold in moderate speeds. But when they are a bit warmed up they are truly incredible!
  5. Write up on the V

    I thought I would do a write up on my experiences with the V so far. First of all, it is a truly amazing car and I don’t regret buying it for a tiny instance despite the fuel economy, insurance costs and taxes. I did a thorough research before I bought it and estimated the insurance costs, taxes and fuel economy pretty darn god. Since I use it as my daily driver it is important to me that it is comfortable, safe, fun to drive, practical and reasonable easy to work with. I prefer doing my own work on my cars, shops are in my opinion expensive and cut corners hoping that people will not notice. For instance my V wasn’t an exception from that rule. When I bought it they promised to fix some problems I had discovered. To be fair they told me about them before I did mention them myself so I figured that they had their act together. After all they are an authorized Cadillac dealer here in Sweden. But since I am suspicious by nature and like to know that a professional has done the work I did it myself They claimed that the engine oil was changed and it wasn’t. It was black and the OLM was at 55%. I replaced it myself. The brake fluid level was too high. Overfilled because they changed pads, Shops always does this. They top of the fluid even if the pads are almost worn down completely in order to fool the customer that the brakes are “top notch”. This of course is bull because the fluid reservoir almost always is matched to the brake system with respect to the volume of fluid. This means that if the level is at full with new pads the level is at the lower mark when the pads are due to change. The level will be brought back to the full mark with new pads installed. It won’t do any good to top of the fluid and you will have to drain fluid to not cause the fluid to pour out when replacing pads. It is just plain stupid. They should have replaced the coolant fluid, which they didn’t. I did that. The hand brake pads were completely destroyed confetti in the “drum” part of the discs when I really carefully removed them. And no, I did not kill them. J I replaced them. The replacement pads they put on weren’t Brembo but a very cheap aftermarket solution. Wagner for $60 for the lot of them. Downright dangerous after some spirited driving. Lost brakes completely after five hard brakes apply from about 100 mph down to 50 mph. I replaced them with OEM Brembo pads which made a HUGE improvement. Heard a grinding sound from the rear end. It seems like a pretty common concern and it always manifests when the car is cold, at moderate speeds and in turns only. It comes from the clutches…I hope. But I still have a warranty and insurance will pay the cost of an R&R if it ever comes to that. That is the only time I let a shop do the work. If it is for free… I did however try to replace the differential fluid. I’ll give it a few days to see if the sound persists. (Oh I did let a shop change catalytic converter on my wife’s STS. But that is because I didn’t have the space and time and thought that it is hard to mess a work like that up. The STS will revisit the shop because they somehow managed to weld it so poorly together that the exhaust system sometimes contacts the body and causes irritating sounds. That s ok on a Volvo but this is a Cadillac. Sorry for my rant. The infamous supercharger clatter. GM has released a TSB that says they will replace the supercharger for free but I will have to convince Cadillac Europe and the shop that it applies to them as well… Of course they managed to put the wheels in the wrong spots causing my tire pressure reading to be wrong. Not to worry, I have the tool to fix it. I wrote some very angry letters to Cadillac Europe and to the shop and at least got apologies and they also admitted that they did a poor job and promised me that they “changed their routines” but as I pointed out it wouldn’t help for the holes in my wallet so they got me the latest navigation DVD which is really expensive over here and not for sale to private persons. Well, better than nothing! I will write down driving impressions of the V later on but now it is time for me to have some quality time with my wife and an old James Bond movie.
  6. Impression of the V

    I thought that I would give a brief summary of my driving impressions and thoughts about owning a 2012 CTS-V so far. I picked it up at the dealers 5 days ago and have already put 870 miles on it! Since I live in Sweden I’m used to very coarse road pavement and low profile tires and Swedish roads can be quite noisy. But I don’t mind because I know that the roads are to blame, not the Cadillac. Did you know that Toyota have a piece of test track in Japan to simulate Swedish roads? That is how bad the roads are. It is extremely uncommon to encounter REAL asphalt. What the Swedish road department calls asphalt is coarse gravel stuck together with tar. When the surface needs to be done they mill of about 1-2 inches of the old surface and pour out some new gravel/tar mixture. As a reference we did a journey to Legoland in Denmark (400 miles in all) and the noisiest pavement over there is quieter than the finest we have over here in the southern of Sweden… The V is extremely well behaving even in rain storms and is just a blast to drive. It sticks like glue to the road and obeys every adjustment instantly regardless of speed. Since I had the Magna Ride on my previous STS as well I’m already familiar with the concept but in the V it is taken to an entire new level. I found the V to provide a just as soft ride as my previous Jaguar Super V8 with air cushioning did! With the V’s perfect weight distribution and all supporting systems on it is extremely fun, safe and easy to drive even if you floor it. I managed to average 17.7 mpg on the way home from Denmark which I think is good considering the weight of the vehicle almost fully loaded. That was about 20 mph over posted speed mostly. I like going fast but not ridiculously fast all the time. I did however find an isolated straight stretch of freeway with no cars, no trees, wild life fences, no houses and no intersections and got up to 168 mph before I let of. It did take neither time nor road to get to that speed. WHAM and the V was up in speed! No wind noice to mention at all! I thought that the STS was stable at speeds and insensitive for winds, but that was before J Put the tranny in sport mode and sport suspension mode and you can overtake any car on any road with full confidence (if you feel comfortable with people honking and flashing the lights). The exterior and interior feels very solid and the controls are logical and well placed. I find the Recaros a perfect fit after some adjustments, the steering wheel feels a little bit to big but I’m sure that I will adapt to it. To explain (you can skip this rant if you like): I drive fast but I never drive dirty in the meaning of forcing other people to brake or veer for me. On the other hand people here do brake and veer from me even if I reenter the lane a hundred yards ahead of the car I’m passing just not to scare them. This I believe comes from uninvolved driving. Let me explain my thoughts. Today it is not “cool” to like to drive a car in Sweden. It is absolutely not supposed to be fun and that is, I believe, how Volvo remains in business. “Oh no! We are killing the polar bears, melting the planet, raising the see level with five yards etc. etc.” Since the easily misled people are convinced it is not socially acceptable to like to drive a car and the taxes and fines connected to driving are excruciating people buy a 100 hp Volkswagen and naturally get bored with driving and cars in general. Car driving has been degraded to just a mean to get from A to B. When people aren’t interested in something, they can’t be good at it. Where I live people break every traffic rule there is except from the speed limits on urban roads. I’m their direct opposite. I follow every single rule but really don’t care for the speed limits outside of the city limits. I generally drive just under about 20 mph to fast which is the breaking point for losing the license if the police discover it. I guess the reason they get angry is that when they floor their cars they can’t stop me from passing them. Over the last five years or so it seems to become a sport to hinder people as much as possible in the traffic. People change lanes just in front of you, forcing you to slam the brakes and then floor their car so you can’t pass them before they try to overtake the next car in line on the highways. People for that matter can go as slow as 40 on a 50 mph road and suddenly accelerate to 65 when you try to overtake them. The last couple of years I’ve seen a drastic increase in stupid and dangerous behavior in traffic. Truck drivers driving with booth their feet on the instrument panel, bus drivers reading newspapers while driving, women doing their make-up, of course a lot of texting, DVD-watching, talking with the passengers and looking at them while doing so instead of watching the road to mention a few. I have never been involved in an accident on my +435 k miles on the roads but I’m sure that when it finally happens it will be a frontal accident with some moron like that. And they call me a road hazard…
  7. 31 Cadillac V-16 Roadster

    Cadillac is the only manufacturer ever who had a V16 in a production car except from Marmon. Cadillac is definitively the only one that made two variants. The first one an overhead valve engine with 45 degrees between the cylinder banks and the second one a flathead with 135 degrees between the banks in order to make service easier. That engine could be treated by the mechanics as two straight eights with a common crankshaft. Several goals was achieved like an extremely smooth running engine and an excellent pulling capability at low rpms. I know that SAAB over here bought one in the 1950s I believe, in order to test their catapult chairs for their airplanes. They bought it to get a fast enough vehicle and basically stripped the car to the chassis and built a fixture on it for seat testing. I think it was blasphemy to treat an exceptional vehicle that way...
  8. Finally time for another car

    Finally! I've just returned home after a 690 mile drive to see and test the CTS-V. The STS averaged 19,9 mpg despite the fact that I drove mostly at 85+ mph! Still running strong after 190k miles! I bought the V and now they just have to fix some stuff before delivery. New brake pads and service the SIR-system. They will go through the car thoroughly and fix all faults they can find without cost. They will also get me the latest map data. The car needs to get a registry plate too and the Swedish department of transportation is behind and that process alone can take weeks (not very surprising)…. So I guess it will take a while before I get to drive my new darling. Obviously it is hard to comprehensively test drive the car in almost the middle of Stockholm but it ran smooth on bad roads and was extremely easy to drive. I found it easier to drive around town than my STS even. The Recaro seats were a perfect fit for me. Love the seat cooling too. I found some roads where I could test the performance and it is ridiculously fast even when not in sport mode...wham and I was going 75 mph! Braking and steering was in my tastes too. I tested all the functions I could find and everything seemed in order. The exterior is in very good shape, looks very well taken care of. The interior also except that the previous owner did not use the interior panel cloth that came with the car. Small scratches everywhere on the black panels on the center console and cup holder cover if you look carefully but I suppose that they can be changed. The V has 25 500 miles on the odometer and ran beautifully. So I payed the mandatory 20% up front and now the dealer will get the rest from my bank. Then I drove home in my STS which suddenly felt a little less compelling…The car comes with a 20k miles insurance (or a year, whichever comes first) and then my car insurance will deal with any repairs if something breaks down until the car has 75k miles on it. If I had purchased a V last year it would have been less expensive but since the Swedish crown is worthless compared to the dollar I expect that the price for a car like this will go up even more. If something comes up I’m covered with insurances and laws. Then again it is in reality up to the dealer if occurring problems will be taken care of since they now I have to fight them in court if them won’t agree to follow the law. But I am confident that they will live up to their good reputation if that would be the case. 30 years in business dealing with exclusive US cars
  9. 2002 STS with P0300 hopefully solved

    It was scary. In any car with about 190k miles and 15 years on them one thinks "so this is perhaps it" when the car starts to act up and you see strange things. I have always driven the car as it is supposed to run. Hard but not abusive and 6500 rpm shifts at WOT at a daily basis. I think that if and when it breaks, I'll either fix it or garage it until I have the time and place to fix it. The V will have a ridiculous amount of power so in that perspective I’ll perhaps only use half throttle when I’m used to WOTs
  10. The ongoing Deville thread

    I just read the whole thread from the start. This is quite an adventure! I'm glad to hear that you seem to have a smooth running and beautiful Cadillac running. I have a 2002 STS with "only" 190k miles on it so I'm sure that the Northstar engine can run long if well maintained and with headgaskets fixed if they blow Did you ever open up the old engine? Many write about pulled head bolts. Just nit picking here, a blown gasket is a blown gasket but I think that the gasket blow and then that the bolts come loose. Not the other way around that would imply that either the thread material was weak to start with or that the thread locking compound failed or both. Since the Northstar engine has a die cast block the heads and gaskets sees more flexing and moving and this eventually causes the gaskets to blow. The same casting process probably also caused a different structural integrity in the block compared to a “regular” block. Perhaps a different alloy was used than in “regular” made blocks in order to enhance the overall casting progress. We have all seen and heard of aluminum in the head bolt threads but my belief is that it comes from when you loosen the head bolts (they loosen up really easy because of the high torque they are mounted with). What I am saying is that I’m confident that a properly done Time-serting is more than enough to get the car back in running order. As Logan mentions a lot of automakers use them so there is surely a need for them by design intent, not because of bad engineering… A cast iron engine or an aluminum engine with other loads on the heads, other clamping lengths on the screws, other running temperatures and applications and so on perhaps don’t need them. I’m just a bit tired of people saying it was a bad design or wrongly designed. Engineers can and do mistakes but this engine is also quite a different engine compared to the more common pushrod LSx V8s. Different engines and different designs need different solutions.
  11. Finally time for another car

    This Saturday I'm going to Stockholm to look at the car, a 600+ mile trip but I’m sure the STS will work flawlessly J As expected something had gone wrong at the bank but now they seem back on track. I’ll look carefully and thoroughly at the car and examine it with a test drive on both city streets and freeways. Hopefully I’ll make a deal with the dealer but then I’ll still have to wait a couple of weeks more because more papers need to be turned, more stamps must be put in place, license plates ,insurance, taxes and so on. It is a very slow process over here to import a car. I have seen a couple of pictures and it does really look good.
  12. 2002 STS with P0300 hopefully solved

    Yes! Hopefully no need for a rental car for a while now. The STS runs smooth, strong and silent as it is supposed to do again. There is only so much one can do to keep a car running. Regular service and the use of eyes, ears and the nose can go far in order to evaluate the car health besides the OBD system but electronics can go out without a warning. The STS has had a ticking sound for a while now which I was certain was just a tired valve lifter. But now it seems that is was probably arching that I was hearing because the car is purring just like a steam engine J
  13. 2002 STS with P0300 hopefully solved

    It is less expensive and faster to order them from Rock-Auto than to buy them in Sweden and hopefully I'll get them on Thursday. In the mean while I’ll drive a rental car. My insurance company gracefully let me have one for seven days to a cost of only ¼ of what It normally would cost. A car like this, an Opel Corsa, costs about $70…a day! 0-60 in forever and 4000 rpms at 60 mph, truly an ugly, noisy and overall repulsive automobile: 90bhp 5 speed manual 0-60 in 13 secs genuine plastic interior cloth seats darn near impossible to adjust to a comfortable sitting position funny looking ridiculous driving behavior A colleague of mine said "What was that thing you were driving? Aren't you ashamed?" "Well yes, that is why I was driving it so fast! Otherwise someone might have seen me" I had one two days the last week. On day two the car started to act funny, I guess that me trying to make it perform at "peak level" if you can call 0-60 in 13 secs for a peak took its toll on it
  14. 2002 STS with P0300 hopefully solved

    That just why I'm worried. All that dust is in just one spark plug well, the one with the defect plug. The other ones are clean. I would think that the rubber boots that provides connection between plugs and the ignition module keep dust away from the outside on this vintage. So my conclusion is that the residue comes from the exhaust gases leaking through the loose plug. Well I'll change the plugs and keep my fingers crossed!
  15. Finally time for another car

    Ahh. I'm so frustrated. Everything and everyone in this country are working at snail speed. Darn communists with a strong urge to control and “correct” whatever does not need to be controlled, at snail speed, except when it is time to collect the taxes... I have to pay custom charges and VAT a week before I get my package. There’s just a lot of bureaucrats shuffling papers and stamping documents wherever you look. Whenever I order something from the states I can see that it takes a day or two for the package to arrive from US to Denmark. Then for no apparent reason it takes a week from Malmö in Sweden to here…less than 40 miles away. Sometimes it can take weeks. And how long can it possibly take for a Swedish bank to figure out if I'm allowed for a loan or not? In this country one does not live on his wages. Everyone here in the southern of Sweden says “that’s not where the money comes from” and pat themselves on their shoulders. We pay about 2/3 of our wages in taxes. Either they have inherited money or their parents have saved money for twenty years or so and gave it to their children. Then they take their money and buy an overpriced apartment or house and keep it for a couple of years and sell it with a big profit and can suddenly call themselves millionaires if they have been fortunate enough to live in a desirable part of the country! Me on the other side have no inheritance, no saved money from parents (I was the one lending THEM money) and grew up in the only part of Sweden where the population has fallen continuously the last hundred years. Needless to say I have not made a fortune just by moving from one place to another. Now I have the largest wages I have ever had, but the bank apparently needs to think this over…Over a week ago I made an inquiry and still have no response. And how long can it take to transport a car from Germany to here. I can drive there and be there in less than a half day, how can it take a couple of weeks to get the CTS-V over here!