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  1. Well got home from work and new tensioner and belt were here. Took pics of the way old belt was routed and it was wrong got a diagram of the right way to route the belt went on about a 60 mile trip needle never went past half way. Thanks for all your help body by fisher.
  2. Will do and thanks alot I appreciate your help and yes was the water pump belt.
  3. I pulled the purge hose off the throttle body unbolted the nipple and took it off. It wasn't blocked. I did notice alot of belt dust though so I took main drive belt off and the tensioner off. The tension had rib marks from the belt wore into it so I ordered a new belt and tensioner pulley. Changed the alternator belt out as well since I was in there. The new parts will be here in the morning so when I get them put on and see what happens if it still overheats I'll take it to a mechanic I trust and see what is going on. I'm pretty sure it's not the headgasket but who knows.
  4. I just purchased the car. There are only 3 hoses on the coolant tank. One goes to the throttle body and then tees off to the radiator as well. One hose is just an over flow and the other hose goes down behind the engine I'm assuming to the heater core. The person I bought car from said the thermostat has been changed not sure about flush though. I pulled the hose that's goes from the throttle body to the coolant tank started car I did not have a constant flow but I had coolant shoot out like every 10-20 seconds. If I turn ac on car will overheat right away. If I drive like 55-60 mph car runs fine. Get to 70-75 needle starts creeping up can probably go 10 miles at that speed before I would need to shut it down. There is no coolant in the oil or oil in the coolant and no white smoke out back.
  5. Hello forum I'm having an overheating problem on my 06 4.6 sts. Doesn't do it all the time but I'm afraid to drive it to far just incase. I pulled the hose off the coolant Resorvoir And Blew it out but I was reading about a hollow bolt on the waterpump housing somewhere. I can't seem to locate that. My fan comes on like it should and I haven't noticed any coolant leaking anywhere any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Just wanted to update this it was not the key cylinder that was bad it was the ignition switch something to do with the electrical system thanks for all the help.
  7. I will do all of those things but i still dont understand why i would have to unlock the door for the car to start everything is getting good contact i just have to hit the unlock button for it to start.
  8. I cleaned the connections this is what ive found the only way my car will start is if i turn the key to the on position and then unlock the door with the electric switch on the door then all my dash lights will come on and the car will start. Now if i drive it and go to the store or something and turn it off it will start right back up but if it sits for say an hour or more then i have to go through the same process to start it it has to be something with the theft system.
  9. When i turn the key nothing happens just the security light will blink none of the warning lights come on the radio wont play the windows wont go up or down there is no clicking no sound at all just the light that tells you what gear the car is in comes on and when you try to start it it goes off. I can still pop the trunk and the fuel door both times this has happened is after locking the doors manually since my key fobs quit working.
  10. Hi i have a 97 eldorado last friday came out of work and my car wouldnt start i had locked the doors with the electric door locks both my key fobs quit working i unlocked door with the key tryed to start car and nothing happened no message center no radio windows wouldnt roll down. So i bought a brand new battery didnt work tryed my other key that didnt work ended up buying new ignition switch then the car started drove the car a couple of places turned off and started right up got home turned off car locked it up went out to go to work and the exact same thing happened any ideas. Cant pull codes because the message center doesnt work only thing that works is the lights could the key not be turning the alarm off when i use it to unlock the door.
  11. Just wanted some opinions i have a 96 eldorado i can start the car and let it run all day no problems get in and drive like 10 miles and the car will run hot pull over and let it idle it will cool back down. I cant find any leaks just out the over flow when its running hot does this sound like the head gasket or maybe a flush and fill and replace the thermostat.
  12. cut off switch

    Does anyone know where the fuel pump reset switch is on a cadillac catera (1998)
  13. catera transmission

    Ok i changed the tcm but still had the same problem the car wont shift until like 4500 rpm could it be because the engine was changed from a 97 to a 99 engine would that make a difference. Also i bought a tcm brand new but it is for a 99-01 catera and is brand new if anyone on here is looking for one sell it for 75 plus shipping.
  14. catera transmission

    thanks for the info
  15. catera transmission

    does anyone know where the tcm goes on a 97 catera