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  1. General Motors’ motorsports heritage takes the pole position in GM World in the heart of the company’s Renaissance Center headquarters in Detroit. View the full article
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    Privacy Policy

    Like every other website in the world I have updated our privacy policy, which can be found in the footer or here: Privacy Policy
  3. Bruce Nunnally

    OT....interesting GM barn find

    A shame that it was kept for 30 years, but certainly a 'survivor'. And if it sells for $80K+ then I suppose a nice gain over the $15K MSRP in 1987.
  4. General Motors announced today that all four of its brands — Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac — have come together to make the GM Military Discount the best program of its kind for active duty, reserve members and military retired from the United States Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and National Guard. View the full article
  5. Sorry we blinked just now for a maintenance & security update. Let me know if anything out of the ordinary on the updated forum.
  6. Website: a fresh new generation of travel experts, more described as travel designers, who offer experience far beyond the basics of expectations. We suggest super-cool, under-the-radar, local-type things, proposing authenticity and quality; specializing in crafting high-end, escorted private tours in classic American cars. They appear to have 8 classic cars, two Cadillacs. 71 DeVille 73 Eldo Although the Cadillac in the videos is a black 76 Eldorado.
  7. Bruce Nunnally

    HackNpackShop: Update on burnt 39 Cadillac LaSalle

    'Before' video:
  8. detailed description of rebuild of a 1939 La Salle that had a front-end fire.
  9. David Waltermyer Published on May 19, 2018 THE CORRECT way to replace the battery in many Cadillac Key-less Entry key-fobs WITH NO TOOLS!
  10. Bring a (big) trailer. Interesting background from: of the Cadillac Mirage.htm James Kribbs was a manager at Wilshire Cadillac on Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills, California and worked a man named Jack Patrick. They went out to eat one Friday and had a small conversation about what they would do if they could start a company that converted Cadillac’s into trucks and station wagons. After the meal they left and my dad James Kribbs came home for the weekend without giving any serious consideration concerning the conversation he had with Jack. When he went back to work in Beverly Hills, Jack Patrick brought in 3 drawings he made during the weekend. The drawings were ideas of what the Cadillac conversions could look like. My dad was impressed with the drawings and decided to start the company. He started "Traditional Coachworks" in Chatsworth, California while doing business with Wilshire Cadillac. The very first conversion was a Cadillac truck that Evel Knievel bought. Mr. Knievel liked the truck and ordered a white one with extra chrome that was used in his movie. Extremely rare 76 Cadillac station wagon. Straight body. 500ci runs well. One of 50 produced in 1975 and 1976Needs restoration Original ad from Traditional Coach Works, LTD: Interesting background from: of the Cadillac Mirage.htm
  11. German Motorvision review of the ATS-V. Narration in German, with a lot of nice video footage of the ATS-V in and around Berlin. If you don't speak German, ask youtube to turn on subtitles, and then in settings to auto-translate, you can get a rough idea what the narration is saying.
  12. Bruce Nunnally

    96 Deville Blower Motor.

    1) rockauto and 2) hire someone to do it as there can be cutting involved
  13. Redline Review wrote: As the automotive world prepares for roads full of self driving cars, Cadillac makes a bold leap into full autonomy by offering true hands free driving in the form of their innovated new Super Cruise feature. This is a fairly critical review of the CT6 Platinum, but in passing is also pretty complete in showing details and features. My choice would be the Platinum with Red Horizon Tintcoat exterior and Cashmere interior. I agree there is a very restricted choice of interior colors. MSRP $89.9K although Cadillac offers $4K off. I am waiting to see how the TT V8 does in this sedan so that is another factor.
  14. Curt gives a tutorial on installation of the Trifecta Tune onto a 2014 Cadillac CTS Vsport. This tune unlocks an additional 81 ft lb wTQ and 74 wHp. Trifecta info: Trifecta Dyno measures: Red: wHP after; Navy Blue: wHP before. Engine and transmission recalibration. Note that recalibration may have warranty impacts. Curt has Magnaflow exhaust, Trifecta tune, K&N drop-in
  15. Bruce Nunnally

    The ongoing Deville thread

    yay glad it worked out well.