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  1. This is good also, it shows clearly how the strainer/filter popping out blocks fluid flow. Thank you.
  2. I found it interesting that someone else had their stainer filter popping out
  3. Oh man, love what you are doing. How did the alignment go?, did I miss that in another thread? I wonder why the no charge llight flashed at 6K rpm?, it stayed on also. Have you checked your alternator out? Check codes and see what comes up. How did you handle the O2 Sensor, at the H or one bank? If one bank instead of at the crossover, does the O2 sensor operate adequately? Does your year have pre and post cat sensors or just pre? In my mind, the O2 sensor set up becomes the problem.. Have you considered getting a Northstar Performance PCM tune? I believe they can tune the 2002s now on the 96 through 99 he adds about 55 HP and tweak a bunch of settings. @NorthstarPerformance Jake, are you into 2002s yet?, and what parameters can you change?, this member is doing some interesting modifications and you might be able to kick it up a notch for him. Check out his threads, he installed Corvette calipers and rotors on his Eldorado. I would always want to keep my original PCM to revert back, if I wanted to do this, if I purchase a reconditioned PCM can you mod it with my vin? Are there high performance PCMs out there that I can purchase, you know faster processor, etc, rather than going reconditioned? I suppose I could go to your web page, but I wanted to pull you into this.. Hope all is well. Please post photos of the muffler system. Very cool
  4. BodybyFisher

    Diagnostic "Snapshot"

    @Poobah when you were researching snapshot here, what year northstar did you have? Did you have any luck? I think it was possible to access it prior to 96, but not after 95, correct? With OBD2 after 95, you need a TECH2, no? What did you find out. PS, hope all is good, Mike
  5. Here is some more good into from Bruce's thread. In that thread, Scotty is me, that was my name before bodybyfisher.......
  6. Why thank you.. But, in reality, I learn from you, while trying to help you, so we both benefit here. Thanks See this thread. I know that prior to 96, snapshots could be retrieved through the dash, I am not sure that is true after 95. When your P0101 sets, it stores a snapshot to be able to see what went wrong, it should be stored in your PCM as long as the battery hasn't been disconnected. I will continue to research this. The fellow in this thread has a 2000, and he got a message that a snapshot was taken.
  7. BodybyFisher

    One of those days

    Hey that is great info on replacing the plug threads, thank you. Are you speaking about the ignition wire at the coil packs? What year is this.
  8. It is very easy to figure out but you must retrieve the snapshot data to know what set it. When the P0101 sets it saves a snap shot of what went wrong. By comparing that data to norms you will see what set it. Do you have access to a tech2? I will look later to see if there is a way to access the snapshot data through the dash.
  9. In the manual on P0101 under intermittant code have you seen this? Have you looked at possible causes? I will look into the snapshot and see if we can retrieve the data
  10. BodybyFisher

    1992 4.9L excess oil consumption

    Did you replace the oil seals behind the oil filter adapter? I have a 91 FSM, Ill look later for sources of oil leaks
  11. BodybyFisher

    1992 4.9L excess oil consumption

    I had a leak on my 91 Seville in the oil cooler lines, they run from the top of the engine on the driver side to the radiator. There are O-rings in there that dry out, crack and leak. If they are disturbed at all, they need replacing. Check those lines carefully. I had the tranny rebuilt and they disturbed the lines and they leaked badly. I do not think that the intake manifold has oil running through it, you might be seeing oil from the cooler lines. Valve seals will cause the engine to smoke out the exhaust after the engine has sat overnight. Start it in the morning and let it idle, see if it smokes out of the exhaust. Check the PCV valve for proper function. Do not use synthetic oil Use a high mileage 10W30.
  12. @milansky maybe I wasn't clear. I know you are speaking about the screen. It was unclear why the screen kept popping out. It seems odd that you needed to devise a system to hold it in.
  13. Hi @Kodiak, explain what you mean by, it just goes dead? Like the battery is disconnected dead? Sort of like a loss of power? Do you know what a bad starter solenoid feels like?, is it that? Have you cleaned the battery terminals? Did you replace the plenum?
  14. Thanks for looping back. Did it have to do with the bracket? @milansky
  15. @Otten33. What is the status anything new?
  16. I assumed it was a 3.6 DI in my head. I did a search on ACDelco 88865595 Fuel System Treatment and the very first result was Techron Complete Fuel System Cleaner, odd huh? system treatment&utm_campaign=CHT-CAT-41 Phrase Fuel System Cleaner_Rebuild&utm_medium=cpc&pdv=c&mkwid=RnyC8Tbj_77034570336757_fuel system treatment_bp_c&mtid=744bv356395&slid=&product_id={ProductID I looked for this product at AC Delco and they don't seem to have it. I wonder if it is a new product for DI? GM needs to keep the planned obsolescence and bean counter people away from the engines, that timing chain should be good for more than 100K.
  17. I am glad this ended well Dave. This was quite a learning experience for all even the service department. It is upsetting that dealers don't listen to owners when they show up with info and service bulletins in hand. The aggravating thought is that the high pressure pump could have been an intermittent issue, it seemed like a new issue to you when you got your car back the first time. Its almost as if they somehow triggered a problem with the high pressure pump, (ground or connector) who knows. This is the 3.6 DI, it sounds like an engine that will need specialized experience going forward. Good hanging out with you.
  18. The CAM sensor is in the same place as my prior picture. Outboard on the rear head passenger side. There is not a lot of room
  19. That could be why you got ZERO psi with the new pump, you have the relay in wrong. I don't know what you mean by 'fuse jumper'
  20. Ok, here is another O4 that is having the exact same problem. Everyone is pulling their hair out, just like us. I have yet to see a solution arise. This guy has an intermittent LOUD knocking noise that he was very alarmed by, I can only imagine that it is related to the timing chain(s). I have been involved with the Northstar for quite a long time, to find this problem suddenly is very odd. @Otten33 @Dhen7181
  21. @Dhen7181 it occurred to me that the bad misfire you experienced may have been caused by trying to start it for a long time and the lifters collapsing. It takes time for the lifters to get rid of air and pump up after extended periods of cranking you had. It can take quite a long time for the engine and lifters to stabilize at least until the engine reaches normal operating temp of say 192. You shouldn't be to concerned with that roughness you described above. Who performed the compression test? Were all cylinders tested? Was oil put into the cylinders to test compression? How low was the compression? Do you have the results?