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Born in Philadelphia, spent 22 summers in Wildwood, NJ.  The first cars I remember my parents having were a 54 Packard Caribbean Convertible (very much a Cadillac), a very unusual car for its day with hydraulics controlling windows, top and brakes that was produced in limited numbers and a 49 Mercury.  Front then on it was Cadillacs, 55 Fleetwood, 59 Sedan, 62 Sedan, 64 Calais Sedan, 65 Sedan and I had a 66 Coupe Convertible, 68 Coupe Convertible, 74 Eldorado Convertible, 91 Seville, 96 Deville and 97 Eldorado.   I currently maintain a 95 Eldorado, 98 Eldorado and 98 ETC for friends. 

I worked at Sun Shipbuilding and Drydock in Chester, Pa during the summers while in college in the early 70s and at the time we built LNG tankers and the Howard Hughes Glomar Explorer.  The Glomar Explorer was built in secrecy to salvage the sunken Russian sub the K-129.   Here is a wiki description of the Glomar Explorer   It was known as Project Azorian, it is described in a youtube video below.  To say that there was a lot of security around the ship would be an understatement, black helicopters and OSHA were everywhere, I needed to disavow any association to communism or any subversive groups to get the SUMMER job, but now we have admitted socialists running for president, but don't get me started, haha.    This ship was also in the movie The Abyss, a favorite of mine.  While at Sun Ship I worked in the 66 department, the stagebuilders who installed and removed the wooden scaffolds along side the ship as it was built and anywhere welding and grinding was needed.  I also worked in the 84 department with my Dad, the 84 department were the maintenance mechanics and we were responsible for all yard machinery including cranes, pumps, machinery like shears and bending machines, the Rotoblast (a huge scary room that had a bunch of shot blast guns that blasted steel plates to clean them, the main power had to be disconnected before you entered the room to do maintenance), and new installations of burning machines, plasma cutters and computerized frame benders.  I learned about drilling and tapping, welding and burning, blueprint reading, accurate measuring, making tools and was certified on Hilti tools which were new at the time.  My final summer at Sun Ship, I rebuilt a 66 Cadillac Coupe Convertible 429 engine and took it back to college.  I had a timing chain gear go bad and replaced it behind the dormitory!

I have rebuilt GM turbo hydromatic 350 and 400 transmissions using home made tools, love rebuilding carburators especially the Carter AFB, Rochester Quadrajet and the 4GC. My Dad was a B-17 mechanic in WW2 and worked at Baldwin Locomotive and he taught me mechanics from a young age.  I can remember rebuilding starters, generators, packing bearings, upper control arm bushings, removing bearing races, doing mufflers, tune-ups, water pumps brakes from a very young age.    My parents job required that they drive long distances and as I got older I became their pit crew.  I can still remember the look on my Dads face when I had the Carter AFB apart all over the picnic table and soaking in carb cleaner 2 hours before he had to leave on a 500 mile trip, the accelerator pump was bad causing severe hesitation, when he returned from the trip he went on and on about how terrific the car (64 429 Cadillac) performed, and my love of carburetor rebuilding began.

I have built 400 computers, and have a strong interest in electronics and diagnosis.  I am currently studying voltage drop testing using a new voltage drop probe developed by Daniel Sullivan and recently purchased an oscilloscope to use for coil and PWM testing.  I majored in Finance and was a commercial real estate appraiser (MAI) for 30 years and have appraised and visited every major city in the US appraising real estate.  I taught the use of Argus and Pro-ject cash flow analysis software at New York University.   I recently resealed a Northstar purchased from a junk yard and installed it into a 97 ETC.  I love the Northstar and believe it is a work of art.