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  1. Check grounds to make sure all went back.
  2. Is it possible to have a bad multifuction switch that is preventing my high beams turn sugnals and hazard lights from operating. ....even though my wipers still work perfectly which is located on the same multifunction switch???? Im lost on this issue

    1. Will


      2006 cadilac dts

  3. Not at all, I didn't specify either way! You were right on the problem. I am going to do the GM online service that @Logan recommended and post what I find. I am really interested in what the tranny ID TAG tells me.
  4. Thank you @Logan! That is terrific info, but especially regarding the GM online service!
  5. OK back to the drawing board. It looks like the info you provided is for an AWD vehicle and my son's CTS is rear wheel drive only, so that would preclude the problem being discussed in that link above. It sounded promising though and I thank you! I need to pursue the statement that I found on another web site that the 8 speed tranny in question was 'decommissioned' Ok, seriously back to the drawing board, the 8 speed that was decommissioned was on a 2015 Escalade its the GM 8L90. @Logan do you have access to the service bulletins for the 2014 CTS AISIN TL-80SN relating to clunking, seeking/searching? I have been told that the dealer replaced the tranny. AISIN is a joint venture between Toyota and Warner (Borg?). It seems that this tranny is used in the non-V CTS, while the 8L90 is used in the V. Ill keep searching and see what comes up. I am getting the dealer receipts from my son, he wants me to go down to feel it for myself and go to the dealer with him. Thanks @OldCadTech
  6. Thanks @OldCadTech Ill direct my son here hopefully this is the problem and it was overlooked. Where did you find it?
  7. Thanks @OldCadTech. I need to search here to see if we have any info, but I am sure if you saw anything on this it would ring a bell
  8. My son has a 2014 CTS with the AISIN TL-80SN 8-speed transmission, and he has been giving me a hard time about the 8-speed transmission having a clunk and being rough and it seems to search. I was down to see him in Florida in September and he was unable to replicate the noise, but his complaints continue, he is unhappy. Supposedly the dealer replaced his transmission but he STILL has the problem, VERY ODD indeed. I searched and found that many had complained about the 8 speed clunking and one member said "the original transmission with the clunk has been decommissioned". I wonder if it is possible for the dealer to have replaced my son's transmission with a tranny that was BEFORE the decommission and the problem persists? Has anyone heard of this? Are there any GM service bulletins? Me being a Cadillac lover, this makes me sick and I have become the lightning rod by my son, because of this. I NEED to get this fixed. My guess is that the dealer replaced this tranny with a unit with the same problem. My son bought the car used, how can I guarantee that his transmission WAS in fact replaced and that they are NOT stringing him along, not that I don't trust GM, but I have seen the dealers do some shady stuff. Is a call to the regional rep the way to go? I loved the car and felt very safe in it in spite of my son driving it aggressively with me in it on Florida 95. Thanks, Mike
  9. @Göran W. Did you figure this out yet?
  10. The PCM should "see" the fans drawing current, does that make sense? Have you tried putting 12 volts directly to each fan to see if they run? Be sure to disconnect the connector when you apply voltage to the fan. By the way, for $50 Jake from NP can mod the PCM to turn the fans on earlier! I like that idea.
  11. @OldCadTech what schematic does he need?
  12. See this thread it may be helpful,.it is also a P1660
  13. CadillacJim covered the Photobucket issue here
  14. Including CT6 and XTS