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  1. BodybyFisher

    Prime Day Cadillac Grill Iron?

    I just got a samsung 4gb pc3 sodimm on prime day lol... coming wednesday
  2. BodybyFisher

    Prime Day Cadillac Grill Iron?

    Sounds like it's perfect for that Texas beef by you!
  3. That link that showed a cracked manifold sounded promising. Adallak I would look them over close. Dumb question but do you hear exhaust noise under the hood? I wonder if it's possible that the exhaust isn't heard from the crack but it allows the infiltration of air changing the O2 reading?
  4. Have you contacted a caddy dealer? Are you in the US?
  5. BodybyFisher

    Vacation with the V

    Have a good safe trip Jan, sounds like fun!
  6. BodybyFisher

    The STS has left the family

    Sounds like it served you well Jan. We are similar, you wanted to sell it to the right person!
  7. I posted a reply at your other thread on this, mine looked good after I was done also
  8. Ok my Autotap only works with OBD2
  9. I see you have been around HUF, I am finding you in my research. Someone on an LT1 site mentioned that the O2 sensors can be slow and not set a code killing fuel economy. I need to check my autotap to see is it will link up to an OBD1, if it does I can send it to you and you can check real time data to the norms from the FSM.
  10. Well I don't know about that, but I tend to not let go until the problem is solved. I think "inverted cone" = V thinking usually leads to the solution, eliminating each possible problem until the cause is found works. I can't believe that with such a drop in fuel economy that the cause hides itself so well. I think that a Tech1/2 should disclose the issue. My 94 FSM does not cover the Fleetwood, check your FW FSM to see if there is a diagnostic tree for poor fuel economy where the Tech1/2 would be helpful. Where are you on Penn?
  11. I am glad you are seeing some action
  12. No I won't, LOL..... Ok good, I see you are in PA, I am in NY on your way home to MA, how about we plan a get together, and I hook up a Tech 2 (with OBD1 cable adapter) I recently purchased from @OldCadTech (thank you John, I hope to get even with you one day ) and we see what is going on with your car? We can game plan in advance as to what we need to investigate, i.e. fuel trim long and short term, knock sensor, timing, etc. Let me know what you think, we can put our heads together on this and see what we can find out. I am on Long Island, I have two ferries here, Orient Point to New London, CT and Port Jefferson to Bridgeport, CT, you can choose which is best for you. The ferry ride is fun and a nice way to relax instead of driving through and around NYC which can be brutal. What do you think? Mike
  13. I do not recall it being such a problem to ship an engine to Amsterdam via DHL, it cost about $500 back then direct from the US to Amsterdam. The only problem was that I needed to use a plastic pallet as wood pallets could harbor bugs/beetles. I also don't recall it needing to go through Miami, maybe things have changed.
  14. That is a shame, I planned to send you an OBD1 real-time analyzer to diagnose deeper than just sitting around waiting for a code to show up, it seems the problem has eluded and defeated you. That never happens to me, I bird dog it till I find the problem, I tried here but you seem to think everything is OK even though you are 7 MPG down. You didn't tell me if you are still in Mass. I am sure the problem will call you on your cell phone one day and give up, LOL... Let me know how you want to proceed, I was researching Opti-spark, etc.
  15. I tried, it seems you thought of everything, I am rehashing, I guess there is no cause