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  1. Rock, The Northstar? The crossover was off, but it wasn't a problem. I'll post a photo I have one on a stand in the garage
  2. I am beginning to see a need for electrical diagnostics experts as these cars age. What do you think about that?
  3. I am not a big Harbor Freight fan but I bought their engine stand and it was well made. I used it with the Northstar I must note, and the 429 is heavier, but I thought I would pass that along
  4. I hear you, you will get it, I think @OldCadTech gave you some good advice. Let us know how it goes.
  5. If it is hanging you may not be able to get enough force on the crank to break it loose. Can you put it on a stand?
  6. Webasto makes many of the sunroofs. Check this site for troubleshooting and distributors in your area
  7. BodybyFisher

    Mailbag: A/C on causes Overheating

    I would call you an expert @Logan don't be modest 😊 that is the kind of info that is very helpful, thanks. I personally would not attempt this swap no need for it. I would buy a compatible engine from a scrap yard, rebuild it and install it then sell the old engine as is or repair it.
  8. BodybyFisher

    Mailbag: A/C on causes Overheating

    I don't believe it can, not easily anyway. Let's see what @Logan says
  9. BodybyFisher

    Mailbag: A/C on causes Overheating

    I like to group Northstars like this 93, 94 similar engines, using the same intake manifold, OBD1 95 uses a different intake, also OBD1 and could probably be used for 93 and 94, but I have not confirmed that yet 96 to 99 similar group, OBD2 rubbing element lifters similar to 93 to 95 00 to 03 combustion chambers redesigned to allow regular fuel, slight compression ratio change, roller follower lifters greatly reduced oil shear, coil packs, the head bolts were improved 04 head bolts improved Now that is not to say that engines can not be swapped into different groups, there was a member on this board that used a 96 in a 95/94 or visa versa, but to not run into problems the groupings above are advised
  10. BodybyFisher

    Mailbag: A/C on causes Overheating

    This won't be easy but I will take a shot at it. You will need the following: A clean, dry place to work, large garage. Use clean lint free towels, and use 'clean room' techniques. Understand aluminum how to clean block deck, mating surfaces. Use proper sealants and assembly adhesives. A decent metric tool set, sockets, deep sockets, extensions, breaker bars, In line wrenches, quick connect tools (fuel line), open end, box end, inch and foot pound torque wrenches, torque angle meter, harmonic balancer puller, water pump pulley puller, rear seal installer, engine flywheel lock, brass detail brushes, hand tools (screw drivers, nut drivers, hammers, plastic scrapers, pry bars, picks) in 1/4 and 3/8 inch. The engine must be locked at the flywheel with proper lock to aid with timing, balancer removal, etc (in my opinion). 1/2 inch drill like Milwaukee hole shooter An engine crane An engine stand including bolts/spacers to attach engine The factory service manual, I wouldn't attempt the job without it, it provides torque specs, R&R procedures, timing chain/cam marks and timing procedure, proper torque sequences, etc Contact the GM dealer for the most current head bolt torqueing specs large baggies for associated nuts and bolts for various components to keep things organized, You should have planned an engine R&R procedure, the AC compressor does not need removal/depressurization and stays with the vehicle tied off to something digital camera compressor with air chuck for blowing out dirt and filings decide which method of repair you will use, 1) Timeserts with kit that includes drills, jig, OEM head bolts, ctc, 2) Norms inserts with tooling plus head bolts or ARP studs or 3) Northstar Performance studs with tooling. The GM recommended repair is Timeserts. It is VERY important that you understand how to drill, what to look out for and how to install the serts. Installing inserts or studs into deteriorated material will cause a failure you must know what deteriorated material looks like. But you MUST know that the block MUST be repaired, not repairing the block will lead to a quick failure of the head gaskets. Do not assume that you can just install head gaskets with new head bolts and be done with it. New head bolts MUST be used, unless you use NP studs. I will not opine on which is the best method they all have plusses and minuses. All parts required to do head gasket like an upper engine seal/gasket set, including head gaskets, intake seals, crossover seals, etc If you plan to do the case half seal, to stop leaks a lower end seal set including oil manifold, real seal, etc Torque converter seal and installer Oil, Oil filter, coolant, top off tranny fluid Anything you find along the way that needs replacing, hard to say what that could be, such as engine mounts, hoses, clamps, oil cooler lines, belts, CV shafts, radiator, o-rings, HVAC cover, evaporator, brake lines, etc Members will post anything I forgot,
  11. BodybyFisher

    Mailbag: A/C on causes Overheating

    That is bad news and evidence of a bad head gasket. I am sorry. This is a very very big job requiring special tooling and experience. This out of 5 is a 5 difficulty job I hate to say. This is not a job to attempt unless you are comfortable with removing the engine, drilling and tapping with timeserts, norms or northstar performance tooling, torquing bolts using torque and angle, timing 32 valve engine, etc. This is not like doing a head gasket on a cast iron engine. The job really can't be done easily with the engine in place. You could also find someone to repair the engine correctly. I am sorry, let us know how you want to proceed.
  12. Any check engine light? I believe this is related to the EVAP purge solenoid system
  13. BodybyFisher

    Mailbag: A/C on causes Overheating

    Here is the tester you need. @Chris Deville -34°F is the 50/50 concentration point