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  1. The motor was stored with the spark plug in it. He said it was a remanufactured engine so I don't think its a big problem just have to get it loose, If Necessary I do have some automotive experience so tearing it down should not be a problem. Also I checked online you can buy a engine stand from between $25 to $50 bucks 2 ton, so I might go in that direction.
  2. That was my concern about the torque, I didn't wanna put too much pressure on it and break Something. We can get it lowered and stabilized so we can Put some torque to it. But my main concern was to get lubricated first.
  3. OldcadTech It's frozen solid, I put some Marvel mystery oil in it this morning and l have it hanging on a engine hoist, but It's not level. I'm going to wait a couple of days and see what happens. Also it is a complete engine that I bought from a gentleman, he has it sitting in Storage for a couple of years
  4. I bought a new crate motor a Cadillac 429 that's been in storage for 2 years, the motors seized because of the long storage. I was wondering how I could free it?
  5. I bought a new crate motor a 1967 Cadillac 429 that been sitting in storage for 2 years and now the motor is seized what is the best way to free the motor
  6. Sorry! I thought you said l bought a 472. l was getting worried.
  7. I got the motor so I have to make it work.
  8. Thanks for the picture they were very helpful
  9. Bobbybyfisher. You said 472? 😗
  10. Pick up the new 67 Eldorado 429 motor for my 67 deville, did you know it had a adapter ring on it?
  11. Will do. Thank you for all your help.