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  1. It just went from bad to worse. We had just gone for a short drive to fuel up and as we were returning, the SES started blinking and the engine started running rough, so I backed in the drive and wanted to check the codes again and as I was shifting to park and setting the parking brake it just quit...died, dash lights went out...checked that pesky #29 fuse marked IGN SW and it was blown. So I pulled the new ignition switch, went to Advance Auto and got a defective replacement and a fuse box relay (the one like most of the smaller ones are) because I could hear additional clicking in the fuse box behind me and thought for $10, a trouble shooting relay might be handy. No fix. The fuse holds for key FOB operation and manual door locking/unlocking but after you turn the key on, within 3 or 4 seconds, the fuse blows again. I randomly, but methodically, switched out a couple of relays but nothing made a difference. At this stage, I am about to have it towed to a dealer but I was hoping some knowledge here might save me a dollar or two.
  2. We bought this 2000 DeVille two years ago and it is our first Caddy. Wow! What a nice car to drive around in. About 3 1/2 weeks ago it just quit while my wife was driving at 35 mph. When I checked fuses I found a 15A marked IGN SW blown. It kept blowing in about 3 seconds BUT ONLY when I turned the key on. So I bought an ignition switch from Advance Auto and installed and problem solved... I think. A week later after driving about 20 minutes it started running roughly and lacked power. I was a block from my destination so I drove ahead. Nine hours later, I leave and it is running fine until about 20 minutes later and I am almost home then the same thing. The "service engine" light flashes when this happens. A couple of short trips...nothing. Always seems it has to "warm up" first, then...runs rough, lacks power and the blinking SE light. I have learned how to get the codes from the DIC and got 16, 7 of them current. I was told that I could disregard B0429 since nobody rides in the back seat usually. Here are the other six: P0300; P0446; P0741; P1381; P1860 & C0655. I read some other information and am wondering if I have a coil going bad? Thank you in advance.