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  1. Thanks for the reply. Both sensors have just been replaced with new ones. I will check the wiring/connection of sensors and or replace sensor B again as I have bought another sensor. I am not sure the relearn procedure was done although the technician who replaced the sensors for me said he had that function on his scanner as I told it needed the relearn procedure done when i dropped it off to him, but after I picked it up and got home and had the hard starting, I called him and told him of the hard start problem and code and asked him if he had done the relearn procedure he said he couldn't remember. I advised him if that was the case he probably did not do it. I am hesitant to take the car back to him. Who can do the relearn procedure and what machines or how is the relearn procedure done? Is it something the dealer service department has to do or a special scanner needed? I am still confused as to why repeated stomping on the accelerator allows it to start so it seems. It has 97k babied miles on it. Thanks again!
  2. My Seville SLS is hard to start but does after 10 seconds of cranking and repeatedly stomping on the accelerator it starts. I've replaced the MAP sensor, fuel pump and filter and the Both CRK sensors already. It's throwing codes P0385 and P1372. Could one of the new CRK sensors be defective or does it need the relearn procedure done? Thanks!