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  1. My husband and I recently acquired a 1962 Fleetwood sedan. Beautiful Laurel colour with original interior in very good shape. Drove it home and then started noticing problems with fuel delivery over the next few days. Thought we had run it out of gas (fuel gauge doesn't work). Kept coughing and sputtering, and was causing my husband a lot of stress driving it. Never knew if we'd make it home. Also it wasn't out of gas! It wouldn't accept more than a few litres of premium gas at a time. My husband got it running better by blowing the fuel lines back. Then we drove it twice more, and suddenly it started backfiring a lot and now, we can't get it running more than 3 feet. My husband has worked on lots of cars and he really pays attention to doing things right. But he's stumped this time. He has changed filters and spark plugs etc, and wants to pull the gas tank and replace the gas gauge sender unit and tubes. Has anyone got any advice or experienced similar problems with this model? Thanks Cadillac lovers!