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  1. Another Battery Drain

    Looks like it settled in at .176 (176mA). For this vehicle is that going to work or do I need to get it down to the 50mA range?
  2. Another Battery Drain

    No need and appreciated! I have a better one coming in on Friday with alligator clips that is auto-ranging. I'll put it in-line on the negative side (read that is a safer approach), let it sit for a bit so everything shuts down and get a true read on what's really going on. With the old meter I could not leave it connected so probably got a number with things still pre-shutdown. Like you mentioned earlier, a 2.2A draw should drain the batt after a prolonged sit. I'll report back this Saturday and we can go from there. Thanks again! Nice to not be alone in this and it's actually kinda fun to figure out these sort of things.
  3. Another Battery Drain

    Looks like it's a manual range unit. I'll upgrade to a better unit. Newbie purchase. I put the meter on my 2004 Rendezvous which has never had a drained battery and sits at the airport for up to ten days at a time and it showed a 1.9A draw. Something is up. I'll get a premium meter and report back. Thanks for the support men!
  4. Another Battery Drain

    So this model jumps from 10A to 200m with nothing in-between. So I need a better model? I could blow the fuse in it hitting it with .56A at the next setting of 200m correct?
  5. Another Battery Drain

    During the test I disconnected the red lead at the battery and took a measure. Didn't wait to take measure. Figured it was powered down as it had no power source. I put it in-line with the positive battery cable and the positive battery terminal. The rest of the scale ranges 2m/20m/200m and says not to use with high voltages. Am I using it correctly? Here is a photo of the config I used it in.
  6. Another Battery Drain

    The rear fuse box 10A Radio/Phone fuse is the culprit. Pulling .56 Amp with the memory seat module connected. Hmmm manual says fuse controls quite a few things: Radio Reciever/RIM/Phone(don't have that option)/DAB Relay/Trunk Release Relay/Fuel Door Release Relay/High/Low-Beam Relay I just noticed after pulling back the ceiling carpet in the trunk that the wiring to the antennae looks jury rigged/very shoddy. It goes up and down but no reception. I'll start there. Thanks much for the help!
  7. Another Battery Drain

    I think I've been led down the wrong path! My Father's mechanic said that if I left the memory seat unpowered the drain would go away. Now I just got this meter today and it is pulling 2.2 Amps with it unplugged. No change when the module is connected. This car has been sitting for maybe a week and would think this would result in a dead battery. It started with no problems. That's a high draw right? I'll start pulling fuses and see where it's actually coming from. Trust but verify huh?!
  8. Another Battery Drain

    Will do. I have a photo of the module from an Ebay replacement. If you could point me in the right direction as to which module connector I would need to unhook, I'll put my ammeter inline and see whats what. Thank you.
  9. Another Battery Drain

    Thanks Bruce. The seat move freely in all direction and full range of motion. All the levers return to a neutral position as well.
  10. Another Battery Drain

    Hello gang and a newbie here. I just got an 98 Eldo ETC from my father and with all that has been going on with it, I thought it would be unwise not to join this amazing forum. Here is my question with some information about what is going on and thank you in advance for any info: The battery drains down after a few days when the drivers side memory seat module is connected to power. Are the powered seats supposed to loose power after the timeout period from the Body Control Module? If I replace the memory module with another one will it need any dealer programming? The windows and radio do power down but the tilt mirrors, trunk and fuel door still work. I saw a checklist in another post that those should go out too. The drain has been isolated at the memory module. I disconnected the harness that provides power to it and the drain goes away. It is fully functional when attached. The heated seat on the drivers side does not work (don't care about that but figure include that info). I would like to be able to use the seat adjuster but plugging and unplugging that connector is less than ideal and at some point I'll forget to unplug it! Thoughts appreciated! -Dean