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  1. I haven't gotten that far. I'm still trying to decide what to do with the compressor and oil. Auto Zone does not have one that uses PA46. I don't want to get a rebuild. Trying to find ACDelco OEM compressor on line. Called 4Seasons again and they told me the warranty would be void if I tried using PA46. Their compressor was meant to run on PA150. They insisted I should flush out the lines and condenser to avoid future problems. So I'm looking into the flushing procedure to see if I want to tackle it. Thanks for the comment about the orifice. I will keep you posted when I pull it.
  2. Hi All, I purchased a new compressor (4Seasons Model 58231). It comes with a bottle of refrigerant oil PAG 150 (8fl oz). I believe my AC system has PAG 46 oil in it when it was converted from R12 to R134a. I called 4 Seasons Technical support to find out if the two oils are compatible and the answer is no. They said I need to flush out the PAG 46 from lines, evaporator and condenser. I need your opinion on this to make sure I do it right. How do I go about doing such a flush? Maybe I should return the compressor to Auto Zone and get one that takes PAG 46 oil if they have one. Confused!
  3. Hi, Is that 2 oz. plus whatever old oil came out of the compressor? I heard too much oil is not good for the system. Thanks for your comment.
  4. Hi, The A/C system has been converted to 134a about two years ago. Mechanic wrote 3.37 lbs over the old label so I could not read the old label. All the refrigerant leaking out twice over the course of one year. I had it recharged last summer and this spring it was empty. Mechanic had put dye in the system in the fall and said that compressor has a slow leak. He replaced the receiver drier when he made the conversion. Should he have flushed the lines, evaporator and condenser? I probably will need to replace receiver/drier, compressor, expansion orifice (if I can locate it ) and flush the lines. I have gauges and am planning to get a Robinair Vacuum Pump 5 cfm. Thanks for the info on the oil. I was thinking of draining compressor, drier. Measuring the amount and adding the same amount plus 1 fl.oz to compressor and 2 fl.oz to drier. In addition I was going to put 3 oz in the evaporator and 1 oz to condenser. Does that sound right? First I think I will check for leaks when I get the vacuum pump. This will take some time because I don't get much time to work on it. Appreciate the quick reply.
  5. Hi, Thanks for registering me. My AC went down on my 1983 Cadillac Sedan DeVille caused by the compressor leak. I will be replacing the compressor so need to know how many ounces of refrigerant 134a and how many ounces of refrigerant oil my ac system takes?. Also what type of oil to go with the 134a? The ac system now is empty of refrigerant. Appreciate any help with this.. Joe J.