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  1. Just went out and checked the codes again and I have 2 new ones now: ip1552 history and pz1552 history. Those werent there 2 days ago so now I am wondering if I messed something up trying to get that cover off I couldnt find much on Google about those.
  2. OK so that is the pcm, sorry new to these kind of repairs. So now I know it opens front to back, I tried every way but I did not move the harness it didn't look like it was getting caught on that but I will move it. Thanks for all of your help again. Is the EBTCM under the PCM?
  3. @rockfangd No there is a black plastoc cover over the EBTCM that I can't get off. It has one metal clip on it but I don't see or feel anything else and I can't get it off
  4. It won't let me post do you have an email. @OldCadTech
  5. @OldCadTech or @rockfangd, either of you know how to remove the cover to the ebtcm that is under the air filter box?
  6. OK will do. I have to work today but have tomorrow off , thanks for your help
  7. OK @OldCadTech, I ran the on board again and there was a pc1644 history that came up. Thanks
  8. OK will do thanks again, can't wait to get first gear back
  9. @OldCadTech, you have any ideas on the tc problem?
  10. @rockfangd, thank you! I tried to do that, got the code to clear but it came right back when I restarted the car, my Vin is smaller than the one shown. I have no issues except not having first gear with the traction control light on. Any other ideas?
  11. Hi all! Back again with the 96 eldorado. My traction control light came on and gave me a code tc0073. Started to come on and then would go off inbetween start ups when I would leave the last week or so. I tried resetting it using the on board diagnostics but as of 5 minutes ago it is still on. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the help again, what a great place !
  13. @OldCadTech and @BodybyFisher, finally tore in to this and turns out I had a blown compressor fuse. Found this out after checking the connectors, I took a light to the maxi fuse for the fans and just started to check the others around it, once I replaced that fuse I started the car and let it warm up and the fans kicked on. I reset the p1660 code and the engine light went off and after about a half hour ride everything seems OK not over heating and no more code. Does that seem right to you guys? Would that fuse have an effect on the auxiliary fans? Thanks