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  1. Update: Wife usurped me and had it towed. Mechanic went through everything and could not figure it out either. So he started from the beginning with the simple stuff. Loose connector on the ecm. Didn't know it until he took off every connector and snapped them all back in. Runs fine now. I just wiggled them in, but taking off and putting them back did it. Either that or the fixed it for me for nearly nothing.
  2. Got ya. So Id need to test each one of these correct?
  3. This is the config of my engine. It has coil packs. I'm not real comfortable going this deep by myself. The test looks simple, its just the getting to it. I'll show the neighbor this weekend and see what level of comfort he has with this. I agree with what you are saying about must do the tests to know.
  4. Pull the following fuses and check for continuity injectors, ignition, fuel pump - Done, and they look and test good.
  5. Was that a rebuilt alternator? From O'Reillys? Is that a lifetime warranty? YES It started before the alternator change Your voltage is dropping down to 10.7 (not good, is the other car running?) PS, don't hold the key longer than 10 seconds Alternators have a 12 volt line to the battery can you check if it is connected, usually connected with a 10mm nut or so. YES, checked that. Have you checked fuel pressure? No, I'll need help with that, I'll have the neighbor look too, he has the fuel pressure tester.. Do you smell fuel. No Are you setting any codes? I cleared the two previously mentioned codes yesterday after that vid. I tried to restart the vehicle to see fresh codes. Codes did NOT come back and shows no codes, yet the engine light is on. Pull the following fuses and check for continuity injectors, ignition, fuel pump Buy a spark tester to check for spark. However is this coil on plug? Is that photo above of the coils? We need to determine that you are getting spark I can't find spark plugs on this, not in the usual positions anyhow. I'm believing the picture is likely fuel injection? I can have neighbor look at it and help sniff that out. I had this once with a 66 cadillac 429 at college, it ended up being a timing gear and I changed it. Keep your fingers crossed. I was consulting with a service manager at my uncles caddy dealer, we thought it was a collapsed resonator and I hacksawed it off...nope... I hate to say this but your engine sounds like there may be valve issues from the way it sounds when it cranks. Lets eliminate everything, but you may need a cylinder compression test
  6. Intitally after it died, I checked the voltage on the battery at 9.9 volts. So I went and had Oriellis recharge the battery. It started after reinstall just fine with no engine light, alls well. except during the run the voltmeter wasn't showing that the battery was being recharged. That's where I decided to change the alternator. After the change out is where it wouldn't start again.
  7. Voltage Drop_zpsczvh3hvh.mp4 Just copy and paste to get to the short vid showing the voltage drop, and a little bit of how it sounds.
  8. I took a vid of the voltage drop but having a time of posting it. So with it jumped, I start at 13.3V or so, as its turning over, it goes down to 10.7V during cranking. Ive looked at the top of the fuses with a flashlight, and nothing appears obvious, I'm going through them one by one now. Relays look good. I asked last night to my neighbor is a shade tree mechanic as it turns out. He has a fuel pressure gauge he'd let me borrow this weekend. I'm not sure what you mean by banks, but I'm guessing you'd like for me to get a close up of where the spark plugs are at.
  9. Would it be possible that a relay is going somewhere?
  10. Yes, it drops from the 13.5 down to 12.3 after cranking. I could vid the Actron which shows the starting voltage and while I crank..
  11. heres a vid. Hopefully the site will allow it. Otherwise just copy and paste the link.
  12. Wife has been sick and need her help start the car while I record, probably this evening before I can get a short vid of it. The Actron says two low voltage codes. C0899 for the ABS and P0562 for the TCM. Other than that, no other codes. It shows 12.36 Volts until I jumped it, went up to 13.5 volts roughly during the jump. While jumped, still didn't start. Definitly get you a vid.
  13. No clicking, yeah weird pseodo high pitched noise. I may try to video it in the AM for ya.