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  1. I determined it would be easiest to just remove the ac line. Successfully replaced affected gasket now all is well. Thanks for all the advice.
  2. Have not removed the wheel hub. I'm sure its leaking from where the oil filter housing meets the engine block. I may replace the switch while I'm at it sense I hear it's a common failure. The road block I'm hitting is an ac line being in the way of the last bolt of the oil filter adapter housing. I can't move the line because the part of it in the way is metal and attached directly to the air compressor.
  3. thanks for replying. I have mainly been trying to access it from the driver side wheel well. Would seem that in order to access from above I would need to remove the power steering pump/resevior (trying to avoid having to do that tho).
  4. The wife noticed the leak a while back. Had it sitting for a while but now need it back on the road as my escalade was just in an accident. Trying to replace the oil filter adapter gasket but hitting too many road blocks. Any advice? Thanks