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  1. I'll do another compression tests tomorow and see if it's valve issue. The gauge does shake a little at idle and reved up
  2. I ordered oil pressure sensor and I'm debating on weather to just pull front off engine and do a timing chain set and hope that's it.
  3. In ordered a sensor just incase. Until car warms up its just a soft skip but smooth down rd
  4. No rattle. When I had intake off I noticed it had new valve seats installed but looked like it was awhile ago. I'm thinking maybe stuck cam actuator
  5. I have swapped coils injectors and plugs misfire still there. It is intermittant. And today it would all of a sudden show oil light come on and scan tool reads 5psi and will climb to 24 when I rev it. Hoping bad sensor. Is also started to stumble at idle and randomly stall. Fuel pressure still at 60psi. When stumbling it smoked out back as if over fueling yet no codes showing that.
  6. Hey guys I have an 04 srx v8 northstar. I just purchased it with a known misfire #7. I through a set of filters and ngk plugs and coils at it and now I only have a soft skip at idle. It gives me cylI Der number 8. I changed the plug coil and injector to different cylinder and no change. Also did compression and that was good. I have 15inhg vac at idle and needle jumps a little with the skip. If I unplug number 8 it gets much worse of skip. Fuel pressure running is 60. I left gauge on for the day taped to windshield and one trip into store it had dropped down to 15 psi in 30min. But only that one time. I did intake gaskets also. When doing that I noticed a few different cylinders had new valve seats. Front of motor is dirty so I'm assuming awhile ago it broke chain and eat some valves. But last owner was great guy and he had it from 80k to 110k when I bought it and knows nothing of it. I had the car stall today when going from reverse to drive and it gave me a good misfire after p0300 and p0308 and also a p0019. Not sure where to go at this point.thanks in advance