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  1. I did a fluid flush, filter etc when I did the TCC solenoid which I had a code for, the shifts are still MEGA hard downshifting and mild hard upshifting. I cen never get a definitive answer on this,all the CTS's out there I know I am not the only one that has this violent downshifting issue. Again I am going to order a TCM since the message I have on the DIC are check stability and check brake assist. These are tied into the TCM so for $20 and a flash its a cheap try. The tranny Guy that I know said the glycol already did the damage to the trans and there is no coming back? Says the accumulators and all rubber components are swelled up and not working smoothly and properly.
  2. Anyone have any idea or help with this one? Had HARD HARD downshifts, medium hard upshifts then I got the code for the TCC solenoid, replaced it flushed the system, nothing changed BUT code for that didn't come back. Went to a local Trans Guy my friend knows, he drove it with a Tech II hooked up, said all the trans electrical functions are doing what they are supposed to, then he pops the hood and takes of the puke tank cap off and I see this (picture) He then says "You need a trans", that "goop" is glycol from the cooler mixing with the coolant and that it swelled up all the accumulators/solenoid rubber..etc? BUT when I drained the fluid to do te solenoid it looked PERFECT didn't smell funny or anything? Could it be as simple as the TCM? I did get a code for the temp being out of range the P0128, the trans Guy says this is a bad t stat because of the Glycol contamination. He said trans, radiator and the trans lines need to be replaced. Thanks in advance.